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    College Radio Day 2015....

    Hello everyone...

    It's been ages since I logged in here. Great to be back and to read some brilliant posts (hello Mike Saffran!).

    I wanted to invite all college radio stations in the USA to join us for College Radio Day 2015 which will be on October 2, 2015.

    You can find out more and register (for free) here:

    If you joined us before, come back. If this is your first time - welcome! We have some really superb benefits for stations that join us just for the one day!!

    Also, please check out our CRD 2015 t-shirt campaign:

    That's all for now.

    Long live college radio!

    Rob Quicke
    Founder, College Radio Day

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    Good to see you here, Rob!
    @MikeSaffran Communication Lecturer and WGSU-FM Faculty Director, SUNY Geneseo, Geneseo, N.Y. Listen live:
    “Anyone can write. Only the real writer knows how to erase.” (Unknown)

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