4 FM radio stations, 2 are in PPM markets, & on-air 6 nights a week!
A BIG THANK YOU to WPRK 91.5FM where I do it live, WYPW Power 90.1FM, WRSG Knights 91.5FM, & WASP Superstation 104.5FM for airing my syndicated program!
The OM of the Tampa market station I'm on told me my program's daypart showed up in PPM, congratulated me, & I recently went from 3 hours on-air to 4 monster hours!

Feel free to track my progress & pass along the word to OMs, GMs, & PDs of FM radio stations around the world looking for a great program to add at NO COST (at the moment)!
Any help would be greatly appreciated, as you see I'm going against the grain here.

I have also just created a brand new 30-second pro-Mo & a recent 8-minute scoped sample of the show, in addition to the free podcast of previous full shows that have aired.

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