Moving Adobe Audition "SETTINGS" to a second machine
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Thread: Moving Adobe Audition "SETTINGS" to a second machine

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    Moving Adobe Audition "SETTINGS" to a second machine

    Audition (and Cool Edit prior to that) seems to be widely used by broadcast production people. Someone step up to the plate and knock this one out of the park for me..... please!

    I've been using this software for years at home. First as a bit of an 'art project' just to learn how digital sound works. Through the years I have recorded a lot of public events and house-of-worship events and edited them for public distribution. Now I do voice-over work from a home studio.

    My main machine is a do-everything fire-breathing animal. (Everything from income taxes down to these delicate book narrations.) But it is a rude, noisy animial. So about Christmas-time I bought a little plane-jane low power machine with Windows 7 and put only TWO programs on it: Audition CC2014 and Total Recorder from High Criteria. I built a cocoon around the little computer. Boys and girls: Can you say "It Is QUIET!"

    So yesterday I decided it was time to copy the files that contain Keyboard Shortcuts and Favorites and move them from the Fire-breather to the timid-and-quiet little box hiding under the desk. NOTHING WORKS like the Internet folks claim it will. Anyone have an idea on what I may be doing wrong? I should be able to EXPORT "Application Settings" from one computer and IMPORT Application Settings into the other. I did that. Nothing good happens.

    Both machines running Windows 7 Home Premium, both machines running Audition CC2014.

    Has anyone here conquered that beast? Willing to share your secret?

    (I probably could have manually input or recreated all of them by now. But the idea that some computer program is going to pin me down in an arm wrestling event is not a happy event in my life.)

    Just to remind myself all this effort is worthwhile, I looked back on my hard drive today to find an original recording I did just a little less than two years ago. Through a whole series of "a little bit here" and "a little bit there" steps like putting a computer inside a 'muffler box' I have reduced the noise floor in my recordings somewhere north of 20 dB. Yes.... all these little steps have been worthwhile!
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    Hey hey,

    Durin from the Audition product team here. I'm not sure what other instructions you've tried, but here's the easiest method to copy settings from one system to another:

    1. On the first computer, open Windows Explorer (File Manager) and in the location bar, type: %APPDATA% and hit enter. This is the same directory as C:\Users\YourUsername\AppData\Roaming\ except you don't have to navigate the hidden directories that Windows now defaults to.
    2. In there, open Adobe\Audition\ and you should see one or more folders corresponding to the versions of Audition you have installed. The most recent would be /7.0/
    3. Copy this folder to a thumb drive or somewhere handy and repeat steps 1 & 2 on your second computer, except this time, drag the folder into the Adobe\Audition\ directory.

    The File > Export > Application Settings... command only copies the main preferences - NOT the keyboard shortcuts, effects presets, or workspaces. The above instructions will copy EVERYTHING to the new location. Of course, you might need to go into the preferences to customize things like your default audio device or cache directories so they are correct for the new computer, but that should be quick.

    We've considered implementing the "Import/Export Settings to Creative Cloud" feature that some of the other Adobe applications offer, but generally demand from our users for this has been very low - especially from radio who doesn't tend to use the full offerings and sticks to Audition. However, if this is becoming a more common occurrence, then I'd be happy to start bringing this up with the team again and pursuing a good, simple solution to transferring settings from one installation to another.

    Let me know if you have any trouble or questions with this. Happy to help get this working right for ya.

    Have a great day,

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    Durin, You are da' man!

    I made one misstep on my first try (got in a hurry and dropped /7.0/ into APPDATA rather than into /Adobe/Audition/.

    I cleaned up the mess, pasted it per your instructions, and LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL.

    It was great to find you patrolling around in our neighborhood here at Radio Discussions. This has been a great gathering place through the years.... frequented by very serious broadcast people who make room for dreamers, wanna-bees and "Exhausted Roosters" who did broadcasting in years gone by. There was a bit of a hiccup in the last year when ownership changed. In the confusion the forums went dark for a short period of time, and now they are moving forward with a style that maybe fits the times better than the style many of us fondly remember. This PRODUCTION forum has been rather quiet compared with previous traffic. Maybe it is ready to rebound.

    O.K. RD folks: I'm going to be my usual nonsensical self and introduce Durin Gleaves to you. Reminds me of the day my Best Buy manager was explaining to us who someone was in the corporate office of Best Buy: "He is so important, his feet don't touch the ground. If he ever needs to touch the ground, they will hire someone to do it for him."

    No, that is a bit of exaggeration and bravado, but I have had on-line conversations with Durin before and when it comes to Adobe Audition, you can "can go to the bank" with what he tells you. (You may touch the ground on his behalf on the way to the bank if you like.)
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    Oh, please. I keep my feet off the floor only because my dog tracks in a lot of dirt and I really hate vacuuming.

    I don't know how I've missed this forum before now. I generally scout around for message boards a few times a year and see what's new, but somehow never found my way here! I've got some catching up to do.

    If you'll be attending NAB this year, please come by the Adobe booth and talk to myself or my colleagues on Audition. We love chatting audio and radio, learning what's new (and what never changes) with radio production, and I'm very happy to collect feedback and feature requests to take back to the team.


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