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    I've always found radio in Europe to be very intriguing. No offense to my fellow US radio brethren, but I think programmers in Europe are doing it so much better. That said, I've always wondered about the possibilities of a programmer from the US getting a job at, say...Capital FM.

    1. Is it possible?
    2. How would I go about this?
    3. Being so far away, would I even be considered?
    4. What are some logistical obstacles a potential employer would see by hiring me, besides my current location?
    5. How could I best make myself appealing to a European broadcasting company?


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    One thing I've noticed from listening to some of the Scandinavian stations online, as well as what I've learned from whatever information I can find on other radio networks in Europe, is that they can afford to program the music more creatively, because there are fewer stations and they appear to be less ratings based.

    The national, government sponsored networks in some countries seem to dominate some of the ratings that I've been able to find online. It's that way in the UK, also in Sweden.

    I haven't looked into working overseas in the industry, but I would think that it could be more difficult for a U.S. national to find a radio job over there, than it would be for foreign nationals finding a radio job over here in the U.S. Just a gut feeling about it, having known a couple non-U.S. people who got jobs in the U.S. and talking to them....

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    A small update: moving to Europe from the U.S. is a different proposition than moving to the U.S. from Europe.

    Many of the countries over there have very high standards for who they let in, esp. the Nordic countries. In one country, you have to have made over $40K a year U.S. before you receive a residence permit, and even then you might have to wait a year or so before getting a work permit.

    So, just keep that in mind if you're thinking about working over there.

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