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Thread: "A Prairie Home Companion" without Garrison Keillor

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    Quote Originally Posted by JimTexBell View Post
    Don't remember anybody named Garrison from 60 years ago. Are you thinking about Dave Garroway? He was one of the early hosts of the Today Show.

    It survived because it wasn't "built around him." He was just the host. He made it an interesting show for sure, but so did those who came after him.
    Actually, it was built around him. It survived because it was later built around somebody and something else. And it took a while. Well into the 60s, Today didn't have much of an audience and NBC couldn't give away time on the show. For various reasons, a lot of people stopped listening to radio in the morning (before getting in their cars) and started watching TV. That's when Today started to build.

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    Keillor says he's sure: He's retiring from 'Prairie Home'

    Garrison Keillor, creator and longtime host of the popular "A Prairie Home Companion" radio show, says he means it this time: He's retiring.

    In an interview Monday with The Associated Press, Keillor said he plans to step down as host after next season — following four decades of entertaining listeners with his baritone voice and folksy comedy sketches about Lake Wobegon, his mythical Minnesota hometown "where all the women are strong, all the men are good-looking, and all the children are above average."

    Keillor said he tapped musician Chris Thile of the bands Punch Brothers and Nickel Creek to succeed him full-time as host in September 2016, following guest-hosting spots. He said Thile — a mandolin whiz — will help return "Prairie Home" to its roots as a music show.

    Keillor will end his tenure as show host with performances at some of his favorite outdoor venues, including Wolf Trap near Washington, D.C., Ravinia near Chicago and Tanglewood in Massachusetts, according to "A Prairie Home Companion" spokesman David O'Neill. The location of Keillor's final show as host, in July 2016, has not been determined yet, O'Neill said.

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    Not sure it will be the same without Mr. Keillor at the helm. That being said, I'm not surprised he chose Mr. Thile to succeed him as host.

    I thought he did a better than average job the two weeks he subbed as host earlier this year.

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    Depends...they see the show's roots as a music show. But Garrison was a story teller, not a musician. Chris is a nice guy, and a great musician, but he's not a storyteller. He's also about half the age of the majority of listeners.

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    I wish Garrison the best in his retirement. Wow, what a loss to NPR! He was on A Prairie Home Companion forever, and was hilarious. Not sure how Chris will do in Sep 2016 when he replaces Mr. Keillor.
    They were just at Chateau Ste. Michelle Winery not that long ago, in Woodinville WA (near Seattle). Too bad I'm on the other side of the Cascades. Maybe Garrison can do a show at one of the practically two or three dozen Yakima Valley wineries.

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    Lake Wobegon and its characters are Garrison Keillor's creation and are integral to the show. Without them, APHC would be indistinguishable from "Mountain Stage" -- a weekly eclectic live music show. "Mountain Stage" wouldn't miss a beat without its longtime host, Larry Groce, because (a) West Virginia is a real place, not a figment of Groce's imagination and (b) its audience doesn't tune in for -- or expect -- long, wistful stories about West Virginia. Keillor should wrap up the Wobegon saga and take the town and its people with him into retirement.

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    I don't listen to the entire show but it's on in my car and at home on Sundays after "Car Talk". It just won't be the same without him. Some, but not all, the music is good. But I enjoy Guy Noir and The Cowboys more than anything else, and they can't do them (at least not as well) without him.

    Plus if I'm home my canned biscuits are usually ready to come out of the oven at the time of the Powdermilk jingle.

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    Apparently, it's official. This article is disconnected from reality. The show garnered low ratings, even for an NPR program. The film mentioned by the article did not perform well, despite four Oscar winners it didn't even gross $21M in the US.

    I get that the show has fans, but the demise of the show will be unknown to most Americans.

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    Quote Originally Posted by umfan View Post

    I get that the show has fans, but the demise of the show will be unknown to most Americans.
    "Demise of the show?" The host is retiring. The show will continue with a new host.

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    I agree. Prairie Home Companion will evolve. In much the same way the Tonight Show evolved after Johnny Carson retired and Jay Leno took over, the show will continues as an evolved show, hopefully with the same success.

    Prairie Home Companion has several facets of income by arrangement of some great CPAs. The 'household name' aspect and the aftermarket for the show makes it a significant program. An earlier post tended to say the show is unknown and not making money. I find that hard to believe. I haven't come across something that brings in 21 million and is known so universally that is insignificant and simply not worth doing. You just don't have that name recognition and such gross receipts by being unknown and unpopular.

    The future will certainly disclose whether the show can evolve and maintain what it has built. Risky? Sure, but risk is everywhere. It might not be a smooth transition but I suspect it will not fail.

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