Looks like WAY-FM's translator K276FL on 103.1 in Colorado Springs is about to get baptized by fire, or rather by firehose as KJQY 103.3 Colorado City - Pueblo now has a construction permit to move its 100 kW signal to 103.1, which will cause massive interference on 103.1 in the Springs.

Even though WAY-FM's K276FL has a CP to move to 92.5, WAY-FM has been unwilling to do so, per KJQY's statement in Exhibit 1 of their app

You'd think the FCC would send WAY-FM an order to cease operations on 103.1 if it had been causing 1st adjacent interference to a full power station in 103.3 KJQY. Or that WAY-FM would have voluntarily vacated 103.1 for 92.5.

Lesson: if you're going to a wet parade, like the famous Fourth of July event in Pueblo West, you don't go armed with a squirt gun.