Welcome kittens...Its time to make history again with David Alan and Liz Stone on UNLEASHED ​...You know that feeling you get at the end of the day when you unstrap your bra, fill up the bath and lower your body in for a soothing soak? Imagine movie stars serving you champagne and chocolates while you let those lavender bubbles take you away...Now you're getting in the mood for UNLEASHED! we interview everyone, from pop stars to drag queens because they want to share their most intimate secrets with you...Its ok that you're naked in the tub...We're getting UNLEASHED remember.

For a fun and exciting mix of music, hot topics, relationship advice and celebrity interviews where you the listener call in and ask the questions. Tune into UNLEASHED with David Alan & Liz Stone. Enjoy entertainment updates from Liz Stone with star shots. Forget about your job, your boss, that jackass that cut you off in traffic and listen to UNLEASHED. Its like a full body massage with a happy ending!!

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**Upcoming Guests: Dolly Parton, Sharon Needles, Pandora Boxx & Crystal Waters**
October 2, 2014 @ 2pm EST.