I hope you can stand yet another message by me praising a local radio station for something in conjunction with the Nashville floods, but on May 1st, Brother Rob of Hippie Radio commented about that day being the four-year anniversary of the 2010 flooding that hit Nashville. This impressed me for two reasons, one being that Hippie Radio had not yet come on the air at the time of the Nashville flood; not only that, but Brother Rob, by his own admission, did not even live here yet! I was driving along in the car at the time I heard him make this mention, but within a day or two of that, I posted a message on their Facebook page thanking them for remembering us!

They probably won't see this message here, but that is okay. Just wanted to publicly thank them for remembering us on the anniversary of a day (a whole weekend, actually!) that was a time of misery for all of us who suffered through it.