Since signing on at the beginning of the year they are the #1 chr in Sydney, taking that title from 1041 2day, obviously the big reason is that KIIS stole the 2day morning show Kyle and ____ can't remember her name.

You knew they would rule the roast in the morning, but KIIS is holding audience throughout the day. They have nice drivetime ratings, though nova 969 is still the #1 chr for that time slot, 2day has really dropped, horrible in the mornings and the numbers are low now all day long as well.

It seems that the KIIS switch has been every bit of the success they hoped it would be, anyone down there if you have any local comments or observations of this wonderful 3 way chr war down under it would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

I prefer chr's in the UK and Australia as they are not so programmed by fear as they are over here. They will jump on hits 1st week, take chances, and try a number of different sounds, really going by their guts and also what seems to be selling. Over here the pds will still wait on songs even if there are downloads, by the time American chrs get on songs they are most burned out and old, yet they will spin them 100+ times a week for another 4 months. How long it has taken them to jump on Rude(2013), Rather be(January), and latch(2012) is atrocious, I know like my pd has to play nice with a consultant but still when it is so obviously a hit play it don't wait months or years on it.