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Thread: WAKM live on air during Nashville flood (2010)

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    WAKM live on air during Nashville flood (2010)

    Got to give props to WAKM, a small AM station down in Franklin, TN, for being on the air live during the awful Nashville flood of May 2010. Most other stations on the dial that Sunday afternoon just went on with whatever programming that they had originally been scheduled to air that day, but WAKM broke format that afternoon, with live coverage of what was going on during the Nashville and middle Tennessee floods that weekend. Their guys were on the air live that afternoon with updates on flooding of the Harpeth River, which pertained to me, since I live downstream from Franklin on the Harpeth, and my own property actually borders on the Harpeth. Even though I do not live in the immediate Franklin vicinity, their coverage still pertained to me. Since we had lost power at my sister's place (where I had been staying that weekend), watching any television coverage was out. So I sat in my car at my sister's place (which fortunately was not affected by the flooding) and scanned the radio dial for any coverage that I could find. Since I had found out that the Harpeth was up, it definitely gave me concern for the status of my own property. I later found out that many area roads, including the road to my property, were closed by flooding. It would be a couple of days before I could get to my home to check things out, and unfortunately, my worst fears were confirmed. Two feet of water in this house!

    A few years later, I came across WAKM's website, and sent them a message thanking them for their coverage that day. While everyone else that afternoon was asleep at the switch, WAKM was live on the air on a weekend afternoon with updates on the flooding.

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    Kudos to WAKM. They were performing a public service.

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