Remembering AT40 on WGSX "95X"
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Thread: Remembering AT40 on WGSX "95X"

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    Remembering AT40 on WGSX "95X"

    For those of you may not heard that Casey Kasem died at the age of 82. He has hosting "American Top 40" for years and it was carried on many stations including this one on 94.7 which was known as "95X" WGSX in San Juan, PR. I used to listened to that station since I was kid when we lived in Puerto Rico all the time, but that brings back memories. WGSX was a Top 40 station on the islands known as "95X" was the station that plays Madoona, Bruce Springsteen, John Cougar Mellencamp, Bon Jovi, U2, Michael Jackson and many others to the station at the time. But sadly, we left Puerto Rico in June 1988 and headed back to NYC when I was 9. "95X" was a great station and missed it so much, and I do missed AT40 so much when was on "95X". But I do have a short clip from that aircheck, but this one has ads in Spanish and the "Hits From Coast to Coast" played right before the "95X" jingle played. I do remember the jingle for "95X" all the time, but that brings back memories, and right after the commercials, you will hear Casey Kasem resuming the countdown. He voice will lives forever and he will be missed by fans. RIP.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Musicradio77Network View Post was carried on many stations including this one on 94.7 which was known as "95X" WGSX in San Juan, PR.
    My recollection was first hearing AT40 around 1971 on WBMJ in San Juan. It became my "weekend check of the competition" so I could keep up with mainland Top 40 while I was playing Richie & Bobby and Danny Rivera.
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