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    Webstreams on HD subchannels

    I just got an interesting phone call. It was from a web-only radio station who wanted to know if we would be interested in leasing our HD-2 or HD-3 channel. Not to gain listeners, but to get around paying royalties. Since broadcasters pay less per listener than web-only stations they see this as a method of saving money. I seem to remember that one of the big webcasters bought a station in South Dakota for this same reason. I haven't received anything in writing yet, but based on what he's offering we could get about a 27-year payback on our HD transmitter investment.

    Dave B.

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    This might be a new source of revenue for HD stations in the middle of nowhere. Have up to 8 HD subchannels each with a different web stream. Who cares about the audio quality, no one's listening!

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    Birmingham has a popular web station that's airing on both an HD subchannel as well as a translator, but that's less a case of a streamer trying to save money than a radio company being too cheap to put on their own format.

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