YES.COM playlist Out of Business one year later
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Thread: YES.COM playlist Out of Business one year later

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    YES.COM playlist Out of Business one year later

    Since discontinued it service of providing playlist and replace with one year later.

    So is there any other website planned to discontinued radio playlist and will go away soon to stop providing playlist in the future?

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    read the first page

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    Come on guys read the first topic of my page about discontinuation one year later and other planned website to discontinuing providing playlist in the future soon PLEAAAAASSSSEEEEE!!!!!!

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    409 used to be a very neat universal radio stations playlist website since not many local radio stations provide a decent source of "Last Songs Played", "What Songs Just Played", or "What Was That Song" playlist. starts developing bugs over time in throughout the late 2000's and early 2010's, but those bugs were minor and doesn't prevent us from being able to see which songs just played on a local station we're trying to look at. Those bugs were fixed by the website over time as well, those bugs didn't last too long. made an improvement in 2010 by introducing the Facebook "Like" button feature for individual songs played by a radio station. starts developing bugs and more bugs over the late 2000's and early 2010's except the were minimal. I couldn't remember exactly what all the bugs were, but I remember one that develop over late 2009 and early 2010 where the album cover doesn't display for some of the songs, then fixed the issue and updated the album covers for all of the songs including new songs. Around 2010, there were a problem where stops logging songs all of a sudden and then gets reset in the next several hours, day, or two days, though it only happens once in a while, but it's a bug that starts to develop in 2010 that stuck around until the day shuts down. I happened to figured out that RadioTime (now TuneIn) shares the same server with for logging songs of local radio stations in Summer 2010. In Spring 2011, I noticed YES.COM along with TuneIn stops logging WEAT in West Palm Beach. Since Fall 2010, I noticed and RadioTime doesn't log WSHH in Pittsburgh, then later in Spring 2011 and TuneIn begins to log WSHH in Pittsburgh which is a sign that they stopped logging WSHH somewhere in the past, perhaps somewhere in 2010, then they start logging it again. Starting in 2011, developed a bug where it doesn't log a song instantly or a few seconds after it starts playing over the air anymore, it takes them a minute or two to log a song after it starts playing over the air. And when it displays the time the song started playing, it was a minute or two off from when the song actually started playing over the air.

    It wasn't until Christmas 2011 when and TuneIn stops logging Oklahoma City and Spartanburg/Greensville, SC radio stations, and perhaps radio stations in some other cities as well. Then over the first three months of 2012, and TuneIn stops logging New Orleans radio stations, then Miami radio stations, and many more radio stations from other cities. A couple of people here and I made topics about this on Radio-Info Discussions (now RadioDiscussions) at the time. These people and I also emailed service and TuneIn service and we all got a similar reply claiming that they're switching servers. Then that one week in March when and TuneIn stops logging radio stations in all cities in the United States. Then two or three days later, came back with a new server and all radio stations in all cities starts logging songs again. TuneIn completely relied on the radio stations online streaming for logging songs from there. By then, were extremely buggy. The new servers were horrible. Artist name were in all caps and song titles were in regular case which is normal, but different then the old Though no album covers were displayed at all, just the music symbol for all songs. The song log tab for viewing a certain hour and day in the past 7 days of airplay doesn't log songs correctly anymore, it only logs part of the songs played in that whole entire hour. As time goes on, the song log tab slowly stops working. The chat tab still works fine. By Summer 2012, stops logging some radio stations all of a sudden and the website had to reset itself to get the website to log all of the radio stations again. The issue which started slowly in Summer 2012 comes back more frequently as time goes on. By Fall 2012, the website resets itself every day to prevent the issue from coming back. Then later in Fall 2012, they start resetting themselves every hour. It just seems like starts developing more bugs overtime. During the 3rd of February 2013, shuts down completely and redirects its website to which they claim to replace Ever since, no progress were made to at all, its just a website that just sits there to inform visitors that shut down and will be taking over.

    To conclude everything I just said, were a pretty neat website before Christmas 2011, it had little bugs here and there that wasn't a big deal. Some of the bugs were developed along the way and some of bugs were fixed along the way. Then by Christmas 2011, they had issues with the servers and then the old server shuts down and they had to switch to a new server which had a lot of bugs which later in turn develop more bugs that never gets fixed and finally decides to shut down completely in March 2013.

    I wish they either do something with and start logging radio stations and providing the playlists to us listeners again or they could bring back and start logging radio stations and providing the playlists to us listeners again like it did in the past.
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    Side note:

    I knew how the service worked, but when I was MD at KEOM, I was accused of sending them playlists in advance. Not long after that, the GM sent a cease and desist order to YES. He did not want the NCE station associated in any way with YES because the station is owned by a public school district. Of course that didn't work...


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