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Thread: We Need to Get in Their Faces

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    We Need to Get in Their Faces

    During the Radio Ink Forecast 2014 luncheon, Clear Channel CEO Bob Pittman candidly spoke about his thoughts on the radio industry's need to be more "in the face" of marketers and not rely so heavily on agencies and buyers alone. He admits that many marketers don't always understand radio and it's up to the leaders in radio to make them understand our business better."


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    Good luck with that. Just more CC nonsense - what agency is going to allow that? Go around them and see how that works for you. Has he ever even made a sales call or is he just an "expert" that hasn't done it before?

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    Something that really helped us with the local agencies was hosting a booze, food and see our station and meet our people event. All got some parting gifts like coffee cups and plastic tumblers and our latest media kit, good food and top shelf alcohol.

    When in small market radio we sent freebies all the time. I'd call one lady and she'd say she was enjoying iced tea in the tumbler I sent her. She knew our call letters because she saw them every day. At a border station I'd send them a crisp high denomination Peso bill with a note saying Peso so little, get so much.

    We used personal persuasion to find favor even if the agency was across the country. It seemed to work for us, especially when we brought local issues the client was having at their stores since they could present this info to clients to bolster their relationship.

    And we'd dazzle them with ideas, sometimes quite successfully, sometimes not so much but here and there we really got way beyond our fair share.

    Let me say this: meeting face to face really puts you on a whole different level. Think of how many people they never see.

    And yes, we fought the cost per thousand and all the usual stuff but we tried to always bring something more than the spot itself to the table to offer more value. Naturally it wasn't all roses but we were always considered and the agency knew we weren't their enemy but one eager to find a situation where both parties won.

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    That makes tons of sense, but he was talking about going around the agency and speaking with the marketers directly. Fast way to not be dealing with the agency anymore i would think.

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