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    EAS is for EAS Only

    That's the word from the FCC so if you ever though about simulating those EAS sounds in a bit or commercial you may want to bag that idea. FCC Enforcement Bureau Acting Chief Robert Ratcliffe said, "The FCC will not tolerate misuse or abuse of the Emergency Alert System. It is inexcusable to trivialize the sounds specifically used to notify viewers of the dangers of an incoming tornado or to alert them to be on the lookout for a kidnapped child, merely to advertise a talk show or a clothing store. This activity not only undermines the very purpose of a unique set of emergency alert signals, but is a clear violation of the law." TBS was hit with a $25,000 N.A.L.


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    There are a million different "fake" EAS videos on YouTube - even fake ones for apocalypses. Why not fine those YouTube users? The signal in those videos is not REAL...

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    The You Tube videos are not being broadcast on air.

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    FCC, I think WVEA-TV 62 in Tampa, FLhad 2 EAS mishaps during a news program at 8AM (Despertia America) and during Noticero Univision at 11:30 PM. REALLY UNIVISION TAMPA! YOU WANT TO PUT EAS ALERTS DURING THE NEWS! IT BLOCKS OUT WHAT WE NEED TO KNOW. SURE YOU CAN DO IT IN COMMERCIALS, BUT THE 11:30 THING, YOU DID IT TWICE CONSECUTIELY! IT'S NOT LIKE CNN, WHERE THEY NEED TO DO IT DURING THE NEWS... AND I think it's against the FCC to do it during a very important news and/or any sports programing. I think this Spanish TV station in Tampa Bay has a history of FCC Complaints ALL DUE TO EAS ALERT AT THE WRONG TIME!

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