This is maybe a little off topic being that it's TV rather than radio, but anyway... Does anyone "down under" know anything about a package of short musical cartoons called Tune-Cartoons; made in the 1950's by Rowl Greenhalgh Productions, music credited to the Australian Broadcasting Corp. and distributed by a company called International Television Services? The trade mark logo on them was a TV screen shape with a treble clef superimposed over an outline of the Australian continent.

When I was a kid, I used to see a couple of these on local TV in what I later learned was a bootleg film package called "Krazytoons," sold outright on the cheap to TV stations as filler programming. (I have a couple entries on this topic in the TV syndication section.) One was a version of "Waltzing Matilda," another was a Christmas cartoon with Santa Claus (or an old toymaker) taking a sleigh ride with a toy soldier and a ballerina doll. These were real "shorties," maybe 3 minutes each.

The only info I could find was a passing mention in a trade paper of a station in San Francisco buying them for their new kiddie show, to be broadcast in color. At that time (around 1956,) few Hollywood color cartoons were available for TV, though the deluge of Popeye and Bugs Bunny was only about a year away; so the small number of color-equipped stations around were scrambling for dubbed European color cartoons and anything else they could get. The Krazytoons pirated prints were black and white. Any info anyone might wish to share would be welcomed.