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    Changing Formats

    I'm thinking about putting ESPN radio on my station. Have any of you on here done this? How long did it take to start cash flowing?

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    Re: Changing Formats

    How big is your market? Can you afford a couple of "local" dayparts. Unless you are in a rated market, just putting the station on the satellite feed is not a solution unless you have a lot of local high school, college games or pro sports coverage. How many "male" targeted businesses are there in your coverage area? Locally owned sports stores, pawn shops that sell guns, bars/ nightclubs and strip clubs are natural sponsors. How much of your existing revenue will go away. Are there any other "sports" signals in your market? I know you can't be too specific but in my humble opinion, well done local eventually wins out over ESPN

    WFAN is about 2 to 1 over WEPN (ESPN).

    WSCR is way ahead of WMVP (ESPN)

    I sure wouldn't pay cash for ESPN, barter only. If your are in a large rated market ESPN should pay you.

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    Re: Changing Formats

    In most smaller markets, ESPN is the filler between live sports--baseball/football/basketball. What you can do is sell a monthly package with some spots in whatever high school, college or pro sports & the rest ROS in ESPN.

    Ratings are not that crucial, especially for local direct. Just find the sports nuts who run businesses. Indeed, many small business owners only listen to radio when there is a sporting event going on.

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    Re: Changing Formats

    Quote Originally Posted by secondchoice
    I sure wouldn't pay cash for ESPN, barter only. If your are in a large rated market ESPN should pay you.
    If they're desperate enough, they'd go barter. Last I knew they were charging affiliates for carrying them, the small market quote I heard was mid 4 figures a year.

    But with that you get a lot more in PxP than you would with a Fox, CBS, NBC or Yahoo! affiliation. If you don't go ESPN, you have to start branching out to the local pro team, Dial-Global, etc. networks for syndication PxP.

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