Target demographics of Rhythmic Oldies
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Thread: Target demographics of Rhythmic Oldies

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    Target demographics of Rhythmic Oldies

    I have been listening to most of California's Rhythmic Oldies stations (SD, SF, LA, Fresno, and recently discovered, Bakersfield) lately from online streaming here in Kansas. I noticed that the format does very well with Hispanic audiences, but how well does it do with other races? Do Caucasians tend to listen to the format because of some of the familiarity of certain songs such as Michael or Janet Jackson?

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    Re: Target demographics of Rhythmic Oldies

    Phoenix has two rythmic oldies: KAJM and KYOT.

    KAJM has done better with hispanics. I believe specialty shows, familiarity, and a deeper playlist is the reason.

    KYOT has a better rating and probably due to caucasian listership. I think this is for two reasons: More POP hits/& motown R&B hits. Also, this used to be smooth Jazz, I think more businessess never changed the dial when this change happened and more people are aware due to the business loyalty. I still hear KYOT at my Dr's and Dentist office.

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