RIP American Comedy Network 1983-2013
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Thread: RIP American Comedy Network 1983-2013

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    Captain Klutz

    RIP American Comedy Network 1983-2013

    American Comedy Network, one of the best show prep services ever, will be no more after today. Dial Global, the company that took over ACN, has decided to close it down. All subscribers have been transfered to Wise Brothers Media's Delicious Audio. WBM also will provide the Complete Sheet prep, but you've got to subscribe for that. It's still possible another company could come in and purchase ACN to keep it going, but it's not likely.

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    Re: RIP American Comedy Network 1983-2013

    Anybody have numbers for Denver's 103.1 FM? The Lincoln Financial station flipped to comedy supplied by 24/7 COMEDY last October. I'm not impressed myself, then again my age puts me in a market more suited for L.F.'s AM affiliate, Cruisin' Oldies 950 AM.

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