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    poker game:

    would this fly ::::
    with poker/texas hold em still having popularity
    have players enter a station sponsored tournament,
    and instead of winning (money/the big payout) you
    win station "credit" that u can spend at the
    station website....say, u win 350 "points" as a listener,
    u log in: and then just a la carte, to match your point total..

    ie: SUBWAY $ card, (25 points) / target gift card ( 25 pts),
    LOCAL resturant ( 10 points)... Station talent DJs your party ( 500pts), etc etc

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    Re: poker game:

    It really depends on how rabid the card craze is in your market. Personally, I don't find any of your prizes exciting enough to want to get off my butt, go to your event, and play.

    If any local celebrities (besides just your jocks) played, maybe I'd reconsider. Or if proceeds went to benefit some worthy cause that anyone would want to support.

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    Re: poker game:

    admits those prizes "suck" (haha)
    but that would be an example...
    -would definately amp.up the prizes..
    and the benefits/charity is an
    awesome idea!! ( thanks = )

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