Okay, it is not a mystery that every talent
has theeee same rundown, ( what ever their style may be)

"..hit me up on facebook, find me on twitter" ( and the blurb/run down)
doesnt usually doesnt change. I do find annoying, in addition
to the reads, ads, and sponsored weather/traffic - this seems
like one more "read thru" ( this is from national talents, such as
mike and mike) - to mid-to smaller sized markets...
================================================== =======
Curiously enough, the above was NOT the intent for this post, just
an observation, others want to weigh an opinion on the subject : )

NOW the online interaction I was going to *actually* post about:
Ok, so there is email,twitter, fb, etc - BUT what about websites
that reely dont get the free pub (or if they once did) do not any longer...
ie: pogo.com / slingo.com / ?maybe pokerstars.net
[or a younger audience],the talent has a ps3/xbox live account...

>what Im asking:
You have a talent who LOVES online games, such as monopoly,
battleship (found on pogo) and bingo-based games (slingo) and
they want to play listeners

>would it fly ?? Sure the talent *could* play
against (ANYONE) but the talent wants to create a unique
station/dj name, and play versus listeners, and maybe even
during his shift, bring up a few user_IDs, and games played
(games played on his own time)... would this fly ?

>and again, ESP: if a younger "DJ" is apart of the (picking on)xbox
live community - def. would play these games on their own.. and
would want to tie it in to the station, the facebook, (and) station's facebook page...

IF so, how likely would slingo be to creating a
"custom" room on the OFFICIAL slingo (or pogo) website...

say the rooms are listed as:
general room 1
general room 2
mix 95.5 FM fans (for example)
general room 3

of course pokerstars.net ( that you may actually have more success
with tying into an actual station promo)... where you register/enter
without a buy-back option and try to win the station sponsored tournament....
Im just curious since:
the "old days" ( say 1996)or so, station emails were fine, but
not personal, now-it is ENCOURAGED to have your personal fB page
(or at least the radio version of your personal page) be open to All..
[which is another topic, waiting to happen], why not some thing
*ELSE* besides facebook...

I esp. believe this would be *awesome* for a rock/station...
since they WILL play,and talk about the new xbox.360 game
aaaanyways... why not make it live, fun and interactive
if they do, not just mention the new grand theft leads sales,
but creates a PERSONALized ROOm for listeners, that may even
need a password:::to enter, do they need permission to do so?