^ As long as the DXing is good, there's no such thing as a "bad market"....but I catch your drift, DE.

I missed that post 2 above this one....there is at least one FM station in the BVI that can be heard in the USVI, but it battles a PR station hard, I believe: ZVCR 106.9. (I heard "La Mega 106.9" PR here in FL last week! Directional city, I assume!)

I also caught 2 of the 3 Korngold stations from here, prior to their shutdown: 91.7 "Zee-Gold" (satellite oldies) & 94.3 "the Heat" (hot AC). They were the only stations running 100kW in the Caribbean outside of the grandpa 91.3 San Juan, I believe.

EDIT: Almost forgot...I learned last week that there is a TV station in the BVI on channel 5; I contacted them and was able to get a reply. They told me that they are only on cable at this time, though. I kinda thought that they were the old ZBTV rising up....