CKQK Charlottetown Gets Hot
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Thread: CKQK Charlottetown Gets Hot

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    CKQK Charlottetown Gets Hot

    A format change occurred at CKQK Charlottetown, PEI at 1:05 PM AST this afternoon. The station dropped its six-year-old Active Rock format, K-Rock 105.5, and flipped to CHR as Hot 105.5. All of the airstaff from K-Rock 105.5 was retained with the change.

    Airchecker has more info here: http://aircheckerradioindustry.blogs...odbye-pei.html

    Hot 105.5 website:

    Format change audio:

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    Re: CKQK Charlottetown Gets Hot

    The official press release says it's the first CHR ever for PEI. More accurately, it's the Island's first FM CHR.

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