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Thread: Number of towers in a Directional Array

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    Number of towers in a Directional Array

    Just saw a thread about a KY station going from B to D to save the cost of maintaining a directional antenna farm. It got me thinking, which US stations has the most towers in its a directional array? The most I can recall is KNTH Houston TX with 11. I have heard a couple of contract engineers (in a bar so I am suspect) talk of some stations (WFLI) having "passive blockers". I never understood how just a grounded tower would have enough effect to warrant the cost of extra tower(s). Back in the day (pre 80 90), when you had to do manual readings, I bet writing down all of the current and phase readings could cause writers cramp on a 11 tower array.

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    Re: Number of towers in a Directional Array

    KFXR-1190 Dallas (the old KLIF). 4 towers day in Irving, TX with 50KW, 12 towers night from Rockwall, TX, aimed due west with 5 KW to protect San Antonio Fort Wayne and Kansas City. The 12 tower site has only six towers lighted at night but back in the day when they were all blinking it looked pretty cool.
    That site has been surrounded by subdivisions and I believe an elementary school and there are a couple of microwave and cell towers nearby directly in the main lobe.

    Scott Fybush has a pic on his tower website, or go to, pull up the station and have a look for yourself with the map it feature.
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    Re: Number of towers in a Directional Array

    It makes you wonder how many of these AM stations with massive tower fields will survive in the future. In the past 5 years or so, I know of 4 stations going dark because their tower field was sold out from under them, and these stations only had three or four towers.

    If the housing market ever comes back, the combination of high property taxes, and/or developers that are will to pay enough for the property to buy an FM stick (or get the owner out of debt), will be the cause of extinction for a lot of AM's with shaky finances and a big tower field.

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    Re: Number of towers in a Directional Array

    The cost of tower maintenance alone is enough to kill some small operators.

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    Re: Number of towers in a Directional Array

    You are correct on maintenance...Check the cost of rebulbing and painting a 500' FT....if you are lucky you can come in for less than 4K....(Probably not)...JBI
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    Re: Number of towers in a Directional Array

    KNTH in Houston has 9 500+ footers and 2 shorter sticks. KGOW in Houston has 6 towers at the day site and 9 towers at the night site. 15 total towers to maintain.

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    Re: Number of towers in a Directional Array

    KFXR Day Towers:
    (Move the Bird's Eye View for the 4 towers)

    KFXR Night Towers:

    Wow ;D
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    Re: Number of towers in a Directional Array

    The old KFXR/KLIF Rockwall site used to have an "X" painted on each end of the array. It looks like a runway from the air, and apparently someone tried to land there once.

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    Re: Number of towers in a Directional Array

    That has to be one of the most mutated looking night patterns I've ever seen.

    12 towers, plus 4 more for the daytime. That's lots of transmission line...
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    Re: Number of towers in a Directional Array

    I had the pleasure of visiting the KLIF 1190 Rockwall night site one evening in the late 70's. I was sitting in a friend's car in the middle of the array, where the null was so deep that we could actually receive WOAI 1200 in San Antonio from ~200 miles away within 50 feet of KLIF's reference tower - hearing only sideband splatter from 1190. Now THAT'S a tighty designed array for ya!

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