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    facebook (discussion)

    I'm not "against" facebook, but curious does
    the countless promotion on radio (and tv) ,
    by a lot of Radio talents, say log onto my (fb) and
    send the comments (etc). . .
    COMMENTARY: i tend to think DJ's/talents,etc like
    facebook as it doesnt have to go thru the official
    station website, and is more private,
    Did all this FREE pub (over the last 2 years)
    help establish (fb) to where it is today ??
    Im not "mad" as I reeely dont care, lol or
    work for myspace (haha) but am Just curious...

    try this: listen to radio;
    watch tv,espn, etc and set a timer to when
    you hear "like us on facebook" -- and see
    how long it takes too hear it again..

    . . . .find it kind of funny..

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    Re: facebook (discussion)

    I think that everyone discovered just how many folks live on Facebook these days and decided to tap that market.

    The side effect will probably be that you will find it leaning more toward business promotion and commercial interests, and moving away from a personal place like so many other things have done in the past when people realize you can use it as a profit making tool. Think e-bay and the like.

    Facebook spread like wildfire when the kids started using it and then the older crowd began to embrace it as a way to put every little bit of minutiae of their daily life out there for all the world (or at least their 400 or so friends) to see. I personally am not a fan, as I don't have that much I need to share with everyone, but it is very popular.

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    Re: facebook (discussion)

    I agree with the previous poster. When it was primarily an individuals-to-individuals "kiosk" It was somewhat useful (much the same as this board) but once businesses got a whiff of their potential audience it became pretty much a vast wasteland. I opted out when the BS overtook the functionality. Businesses who use it as their primary source of information will lose me as a customer.
    Illegitimi non carborundum

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    Re: facebook (discussion)

    reminds me of the traditional example of
    the undiscovered band, then their hardwork
    PAYs off and now 2 album releases later,
    they (sound) the same, but for "some" reason
    they are 'no longer cool'
    [because the sub pop-culture]lost their unique identity]

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    Re: facebook (discussion)

    What I find to be really boring is when the broadcaster updates their status then broadcasts it on air. I heard on a local radio show the host ask the other host " Did you see my update"? The other host said, "No I didn't let me look <pause> oh yeah, hahaha thats great be sure to check her update and follow us" I was driving so I thought wait until someone crashes and sues the station for inviting them look at an FB status! Hey it could happen.

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    Re: facebook (discussion)

    for the ego's out there::::
    (not in a bad way)

    looks like some thing, that
    would be the words on a fraiser episode,

    the "facebook" era, has watered down the
    "untouchable" status of the some "DJ's"
    I mean some people have the "LIKE" only feature
    so u cant even message them, but those
    BIG NAMEs in your market, that were "too cool"
    for the room, now "anyone" can message them;
    on one hand, for the station makes everything
    more accesible ( which means) $$$ LOL
    and even if that Big Name is still an EGO (problem)
    his (or her) "Fans" will connected
    but, the "cool" club DJ
    (that may)double as the sales guy, LOL
    -now is just a click away, which takes
    alot of the cool factor away too...

    does this make sense?

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