SOL Frecuencia Primera RTVN (From Lima Peru)
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Thread: SOL Frecuencia Primera RTVN (From Lima Peru)

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    SOL Frecuencia Primera RTVN (From Lima Peru)

    Hi collegues, this is Sandro, from SOL FRECUENCIA PRIMERA RADIO from Lima Peru, South America. Our station was created as a concept in 1976 and developed for years existing inside other stations, we where a station who existed inside other stations whith our own style, voices, ID, etc.

    Since 1996 we started our test online broadcasts with some recordings and some Live broadcasts of our transmissions becoming the first online station in Peru. In 2002 we started our Live Online 24/7 broadcasts.

    We consider our music style as "adult contemporary rebel" (ACR) (our own type of AC). We have our own vision of making radio following our own studies of media production and communication. SFP combines music with films and our own production audio quotes, mostly homour style or romantic. SFP also has a weekly news show named EXTREMOS which also has a podcast version.

    Listen it anytime: (24 hours)

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    Re: SOL Frecuencia Primera RTVN (From Lima Peru)

    Sounds good!! I prefer "Recuerdos", but this is interesting.
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