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Thread: RETRO: IOWA, FRIDAY, DEC. 27, 1974

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    RETRO: IOWA, FRIDAY, DEC. 27, 1974

    Source: TV Guide, Iowa Edition

    Quad Cities
    4 WHBF-TV (CBS)
    6 WOC-TV (NBC) (now KWQC)
    8 WQAD-TV (ABC)

    Des Moines
    8D KCCI-TV (CBS)
    11 KDIN-TV (PBS) (Iowa Public Broadcasting Network, now Iowa Public Television)
    13 WHO-TV (NBC)

    5 WOI-TV (ABC)

    Fort Dodge
    21 KVFD-TV (NBC) (now KTIN and PBS as part of Iowa Public Television)

    Iowa City
    12 KIIN-TV (PBS) (Iowa Public Broadcasting Network, now Iowa Public Television)

    Cedar Rapids
    2 WMT-TV (CBS) (now KGAN)
    9 KCRG-TV (ABC)

    7 KWWL-TV (NBC)

    3 KTVO (ABC)

    Classroom programs are telecast during school hours on Channels 11 and 12.
    All programs are in color except those designated by (BW).


    6:25 8D Pastor's Study

    6:30 2-8D Sunrise Semester
    4 New Zoo Revue
    8 Morning Inspiration
    13 Not for Women Only

    6:45 8 Social Security

    6:55 6 Today in Agriculture

    7:00 2-4-8D CBS Morning News (Hughes Rudd)
    6-7-13-21 Today (Jim Hartz/Barbara Walters)
    8 Human Dimension

    7:25 9 Markets

    7:30 3 LeFevers
    5 Leave It to Beaver (BW)
    8 Story
    9 Romper Room

    8:00 2-4-8D Captain Kangaroo
    3 Sesame Street (from PBS)
    5 Tennessee Tuxedo
    8 Quad Cities A.M.
    9 New Zoo Revue

    8:30 5 Magic Window
    8 Extension '74
    9 Morning Show

    9:00 2-4 Joker's Wild
    3 Barbara on Friday
    5 Truth or Consequences
    6-7-13-21 Name That Tune
    8 Movie: "Here Come the Girls" (1953)
    8D Mary Brubaker
    9 Mike Douglas (Guests: Jack Klugman, Beatrice Arthur, Gloria Vanderbilt, Dick Haymes)
    11-12 Sesame Street

    9:30 2-4-8D Gambit
    3 Reed Farrell
    5 Mike Douglas (Co-host: Chubby Checker. Guests: Francis Gary Powers, Mert Koplin, Charles Grinker)
    6-7-13-21 Winning Streak

    10:00 2-4-8D Now You See It
    3-9 All My Children (one-day delay from Noon)
    6-7-13-21 High Rollers
    11-12 Electric Company

    10:30 2-4-8D Love of Life
    3-5-9 Brady Bunch
    6-7-13-21 Hollywood Squares
    8 Romper Room
    11-12 Villa Alegre

    10:55 2 Exercise with Marlyce
    4-8D CBS News (Douglas Edwards)

    11:00 2-4-8D Young and the Restless
    3-5-8-9 Password All Stars
    6-7-13-21 Jackpot!
    11-12 Adventures of Coslo

    11:30 2-4-8D Search for Tomorrow
    3-5-8-9 Split Second
    6-7-13-21 Celebrity Sweepstakes
    11-12 Hodgepodge Lodge

    11:55 6-13-21 NBC News (Edwin Newman)
    7 Today with Beth


    12:00 2-3-7-8D-9-13-21 News (apparently airs for an hour on 21-KVFD)
    4 Family Affair
    5 Noon Report
    6 Noon Edition
    8 All My Children

    12:15 2 Farm News
    3 Town and Country Forum
    8D-13 Cartoons

    12:30 2-4-8D As the World Turns
    3-8-9 Let's Make a Deal
    5 Here and Now
    6-7 Jeopardy!
    13 Movie (BW): "That Kind of Woman" (1959)

    1:00 2-4-8D Guiding Light
    3-5-8-9 $10,000 Pyramid
    6-7 Days of Our Lives
    21 Film (from what I understand, KVFD received NBC from an off-air feed of WHO, who pre-empted "Jeopardy!,"
    "Days of Our Lives," and "The Doctors," so KVFD was forced to pre-empt those shows, as well)

    1:30 2-4-8D Edge of Night
    3-5-8-9 Big Showdown
    6-7 Doctors
    21 Film

    2:00 2-4-8D Price Is Right
    3-5-8-9 General Hospital
    6-7-13-21 Another World

    2:30 2-4-8D Match Game
    3-5-8-9 One Life to Live
    6-7-13-21 How to Survive a Marriage

    3:00 2-4-8D Tattletales
    3-8-9 Money Maze
    5 Big Valley (BW)
    6-7-13-21 Somerset
    11-12 Maggie and the Beautiful Machine

    3:30 2 Dr. Max
    3 Movie: "Little Red Riding Hood and Her Friends" (Mexican; 1960)
    4 Mike Douglas (same as Ch. 5 at 9:30 A.M.)
    6 I Dream of Jeannie
    7 Room 222
    8 Truth or Consequences
    8D Bewitched
    9 Gilligan's Island
    11-12 Dig It
    13 Floppy
    21 Eve's Kitchen

    4:00 5 Star Trek
    6-13 Merv Griffin (Guests: Andy Williams, the Lennon Sisters, Charles Aznavour, Doug Kershaw)
    7 Bonanza
    8 Addams Family (BW)
    8D Partridge Family
    9 Lucy Show (BW)
    11-12 Mister Rogers
    21 New Zoo Revue

    4:30 2 Partridge Family
    4 Hogan's Heroes
    8 That Girl
    8D Raymond Burr (syndicated reruns of "Ironside")
    9 Mod Squad
    11-12 Sesame Street
    21 Eve's Guests

    5:00 2 Truth or Consequences
    3-8 News
    4 Gilligan's Island
    5 I Dream of Jeannie
    7 Dragnet
    21 Encounter

    5:25 5 News
    5:30 2-4-8D CBS Evening News (Walter Cronkite)
    3-5-8-9 ABC Evening News (Howard K. Smith/Harry Reasoner)
    6-7-13-21 NBC Nightly News (John Chancellor)
    11-12 Electric Company


    6:00 2-3-4-6-7-8D-9-13-21 News
    5 Truth or Consequences
    8 Star Trek
    11-12 Aviation Weather

    6:25 6 Comment

    6:30 2-8D To Tell the Truth (different episodes)
    3 New Price Is Right
    4 Let's Make a Deal
    5 Lucy Show
    6-9 Hollywood Squares (different episodes)
    7-13 Hee Haw (Guests: Donna Fargo, Tony Lovello)
    11-12 Zoom
    21 Hee Haw (Guests: Red Steagull, Susan Raye, Lawanda Lindsey)

    7:00 2-4-8D Planet of the Apes (rerun of first episode; last show of the series)
    3-5-8-9 Kung Fu
    6 Sanford and Son
    11-12 Washington Week in Review

    7:30 6-7-13-21 Chico and the Man
    11-12 Wall Street Week (Louis Rukeyser)

    8:00 2-4-8D CBS Friday Night Movie: "The Last Run" (1971)
    3-5-8-9 Six Million Dollar Man
    6-7-13-21 Rockford Files
    11-12 Masterpiece Theatre: "Upstairs, Downstairs," Part 8

    9:00 3-5-8-9 Night Stalker
    6-7-13-21 Police Woman
    11-12 Land and Seas

    10:00 2-3-4-5-6-7-8-8D-9-13-21 News
    11-12 Day at Night

    10:30 2 Movie: "Warpath" (1951) (not sure if this is CBS or local)
    3-5 Wide World Special (World Professional Karate Championships)
    6-7-13-21 Johnny Carson (Guest host: Burt Reynolds. Guests: Cybill Shepherd, Ben Johnson, George Carlin,
    Mel Tillis, Linda Bennett)
    8 Untouchables (BW)
    8D Movie: "King King vs. Godzilla" (Japanese; 1952) (not sure if this is CBS or local)
    9 Movie (BW): "The Wolf Man" (1941)
    11-12 Movie (BW): "Crazy Quilt" (1966)

    10:45 4 Mod Squad

    11:30 8 Movie (BW): "Chain Lightning" (1950)

    11:45 4 Big Valley

    12:00 2 Last Word
    5 Don Kirshner's Rock Concert
    6-7-13-21 Midnight Special (Spotlight on country music; Charley Pride hosts. Doug Kershaw, Ronnie Milsap,
    Gary Stewart, and the Four Guys)
    9 Movie (BW): "The Crawling Hand" (1963)

    12:15 8 Movie (BW): "Every Day's a Holiday" (1937)

    12:45 4 News

    1:30 6 News
    8 Wide World Special (delay from 10:30 P.M.)
    3:00 8 Your Senator's Report
    3:15 8 News

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    Re: RETRO: IOWA, FRIDAY, DEC. 27, 1974

    Quote Originally Posted by SteveRichards
    Fort Dodge
    21 KVFD-TV (NBC) (now KTIN and PBS as part of Iowa Public Television)
    Sort of -- in 1977, low viewership and advertising numbers forced KVFD to move back to its original 600-foot tower in Fort Dodge and relocated to channel 50, while it sold its taller 1200-foot tower in Bradgate to IPTV, which used the tower and channel 21 for a new IPTV station, KTIN. Alas, a tornado later that year and the station owner's death the following year killed off KVFD, which was never rebuilt.

    More here:

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    Re: RETRO: IOWA, FRIDAY, DEC. 27, 1974

    Thanks for the info. I was not aware that KVFD continued on Channel 50 after IPTV took over Channel 21.

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    Re: RETRO: IOWA, FRIDAY, DEC. 27, 1974

    I would imagine the move of WHO and the other Des Moines stations to the Alleman tower probably doomed KVFD. With a modest VHF antenna, Fort Dodge viewers would have access to all four networks with a clear picture.

    As long as we are on the topic of Iowa TV in the 70's. Prior to the Alleman move, where did the various stations transmit from? I believe KRNT/KCCI was on the tower at 8th and Pleasant and WHO was at the AM site in Mitchellville. What about WOI and KDIN?

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    Re: RETRO: IOWA, FRIDAY, DEC. 27, 1974

    KDIN I think was on a tower at the Des Moines Tech High School, WOI was on a fairly decent sized tower south of Ames, 900-1000 feet, I think. In Ft. Dodge prior to Alleman, they picked up WOI over the air OK, KRNT had a UHF translator in Ft. Dodge, and of course KVFD was a local. They probably couldn't pick up KDIN.

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    Re: RETRO: IOWA, FRIDAY, DEC. 27, 1974

    Interesting, I wasn't aware that KRNT had a translator in Fort Dodge. The only channel 8 translators I was aware of were Ottumwa, Caroll, and Clarinda.

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