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    auto dealership:

    I know, the station side of it ,
    if some is paying $#,###. !!
    and they want your mid day talent there,
    u go!
    but from the dealers side..whats the benefit ?
    I know, "free advertising" but . . .
    (if i hear, 97x) is there I will stop in
    BUT NOT for the sales guy at the auto dealership. . .
    but to say hey, its "me" - did u get my email,
    (loved your show), etc... nice mix, last week
    the car dealership gets ZERO from me,
    -UNLESS- its the impression, that I get
    from _'s dealership that they were friendly, etc..
    and i will want to go there, first.
    (then up to the sales team), but most people already
    are "stuck" in their ways, not like i hear the morning guy,
    "hey im working a sat, at _auto/dealership" . . . come on down,
    (and) an hour later, your ssales rep is signing over the keys!!!

    jus curious

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    Re: auto dealership:

    They get exposure & traffic. You showed up. They might have a great deal and you buy today, or when you're seriously considering purchasing, you return to that dealer. What does an advertiser get out their advertising, other than a tax deduction, hopefully increased sales and/or new customers. And its not free advertising, the dealer should be paying a premium to have the station broadcasting from their place. (I'm sure others can and will expand on this post).

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    Re: auto dealership:

    *I* showed up BUT it was because of the air talent
    (drop of an aircheck cd) and tooo skeeez
    cd's, and crap - - and maybe a free hot dog,
    it could be a dealership , or a recycle facility for i care

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    Re: auto dealership:

    Sometimes, at least in the past, bigger companies like automakers, apparel makers, sports equipment companies (the producers of products) would offer co-op advertising to local distributors and stores, and pay for half the advertising. Sometimes, given other circumstances being in play, that co-op ad outlay would make a 2-hour remote look like a good deal, especially if it was something that was thrown in by the station as part of a mammoth ad package.

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    Re: auto dealership:

    I'm amazed in 2011 commercial radio remotes still exist.

    For the most, a beat up station van shows up with rundown sound equipment, a cheesy pop up tent with a jock and intern wearing worn out station polo shirts. The breaks are either recorded or live over a crappy cell phone or marti.

    "Stop on by, get a free hot dog. We're having a great time at ______."

    OMG, cancel our weekend plans, we're heading over to _____! ;D

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    Re: auto dealership:

    I forgot THE PRIZE WHEEL!

    Spin to win a $5 off coupon, a bumper sticker, $10 off your next oil change or tickets to Wally's Water Park & Playground.

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    Re: auto dealership:

    the remote is dead!
    12 in a row nailed it in the above post.

    same tired crap over and over

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    Re: auto dealership:

    Then, Spring and Summer and most of the fall...we all spend so much on the weekend
    doing them? It's some welcome extra cash in talent fees at our place anyway.

    And, yes...if done well and set up properly, listeners do respond.

    It's all in how your sales and/or marketing people set it up.

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    Re: auto dealership:

    Quote Originally Posted by djpaul
    the remote is dead!
    12 in a row nailed it in the above post.

    same tired crap over and over
    Oh man, I couldn't agree more. Most remotes are utter hell and a waste of time and the client's money.

    I have developed a mathematical formula:

    The announcer's misery index at the remote is directly proportional to the number of times they
    utter the phrase "where havin' a great time out here..."

    I used to do a remote every Saturday morning at the local Ford dealership. Free hotdogs, balloons for the kids,
    free popcorn. Every week it was the same- the same ten useless hillbilly families rolled in for their free lunch.
    What made it worse was that the sales people would hide in their cubicles unless they were ordered to talk on the
    radio by their boss.

    Now at my own station, we won't do any type of remote broadcast unless we are part of a bigger event- a grand opening ribbon cutting or other special one-time occasion. And then we make sure the Chamber of commerce is there along with
    as many local community people as we can think of. We also handle the PA work on site and become part of the
    welcoming team for the client. We actually become part of a larger effort and broadcast an actual event.

    Mark Bohach

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    Re: auto dealership:

    Maybe it's the "Saturday morning" time that was part of the problem.

    When I was a kid in the 50's I lived in a medium-sized town where almost every Friday and Saturday evenings there would be searchlights circling the night sky and a radio remote from each one. There were store openings and sales of all kinds including car dealerships, TV stores, seat covers, grocery stores and mall events. More often than not it was the T-40 stations who were present but sometimes one of the MOR or Country stations showed up. Sometimes more than one station would show up and there would be a "battle" of the jocks or their music or something to spice up the rivalry.

    I now live in a metro area of 3+ million people and notice the few remotes that do happen are Saturday afternoons. Sometimes the stations have a booth at races or other events but don't seem to be as connected to commerce as they once were. And the stations that still show up are not the ones teens & 20-somethings could drag their parents to (like a car dealer).

    I know times have changed and cities are bigger than they were then but it still seems like it would work given the right population size and proper demo.
    Illegitimi non carborundum

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