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Thread: Bid 4 spots ?

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    Bid 4 spots ?

    I don't know if this has been posted before. Has anyone tried Bid4spots. What is your opinion. Thanks.
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    Re: Bid 4 spots ?

    We use them but we get very little Money..I love it when I bid 1 dollar a spot and they say Sorry other stations have a lower CPP..... WTF

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    Re: Bid 4 spots ?

    Exactly! They are about a 60 day pay and is pretty much a joke. If I can get a hundred a week I think I have a $500 a month account.

    More often than not they are a waste.

    Although sometimes not. try it. But don't get caught up.
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    Re: Bid 4 spots ?

    Less than a dollar a hollar, that's just sad.

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    Re: Bid 4 spots ?

    They are awful I bid 50 cents a spot to see what happens and they said a station with a lower cpm won SAD

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    Re: Bid 4 spots ?

    Just because a $1 spot rate is declined doesn't mean someone else is taking less than $1 per spot. Like you stated, someone else took a lower CPM or CPP, this doesn't mean a lower spot rate.


    Station A: 500 AQH (very common small market AQH)
    $1 spot = $2 CPM (takes two spots to accomplish 1,000 impressions)

    Station B: 2,500 AQH
    $4 spot = $1.60 CPM (for $4 they get 2,500 impressions)

    So, even though Station B's spot rate is 4x higher, the CPM is lower, therefore the better deal. The advertiser is paying less per set of ears.

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