Retro: Tucson and Nogales, Arizona, Tuesday, April 29, 1975
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Thread: Retro: Tucson and Nogales, Arizona, Tuesday, April 29, 1975

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    Retro: Tucson and Nogales, Arizona, Tuesday, April 29, 1975

    Source: Arizona Daily Star

    It was on 30 April 1975, 29 April in the United States, that Saigon fell, ending the Vietnam War. Evening and some daytime network programs were pre-empted for special news reports about the developments in Vietnam and the evacuation that the American Embassy had organised from Saigon. As Iím going to be moving the weekend of the 29th, Iím posting the listings tonight.

    4 KVOA-TV Tucson (NBC)
    6 KUAT-TV Tucson (PBS)
    9 KGUN Tucson (ABC)
    11 KZAZ (KMSB) Nogales (Independent)
    13 KOLD-TV Tucson (CBS)

    13 Farm & Ranch Report

    13 Sunrise Semester (The Near East in modern times)

    4 Reportaje de Noticias

    4 Today (Al Capp is among the scheduled guests)
    9 A.M. America
    13 The CBS Morning News with Hughes Rudd and Bruce Morton

    13 Captain Kangaroo

    4 High Rollers (Alex Trebek game)
    9 Not For Women Only (Ann Landers guest hosts)
    13 Tucson Today

    4 Hollywood Squares (Peter Marshall game)
    9 Blankety Blanks (Bill Cullen game)
    13 Love of Life

    13 CBS Midday News

    4 Jackpot! (Geoff Edwards game)
    9 Password (Allen Ludden game)
    13 The Young & The Restless

    4 Blank Check (Art James game)
    6 Song Bag
    9 Split Second (Tom Kennedy game)
    13 Search for Tomorrow

    6 All About You

    4 NBC News

    4 Celebrity Sweepstakes (Jim McKrell game; this appears to be the West Coast feed; the East Coast feed was apparently taken live for all of the NBC game shows before this)
    6 Mister Rogersí Neighborhood
    9 All My Children
    13 The Jokerís Wild (Jack Barry game)

    4 Days of Our Lives
    6 Sesame Street
    9 Letís Make a Deal (Monty Hall game)
    13 As the World Turns

    9 The $10,000 Pyramid (Dick Clark game)
    13 The Guiding Light

    4 The Doctors
    6 Villa Allegre
    9 The Big Showdown (Jim Peck game)
    13 The Edge of Night

    4 Another World
    6 The Electric Company
    9 General Hospital
    11 The 700 Club
    13 Local News

    6 Time Out!
    9 One Life to Live
    13 Match Game Ď75

    4 Somerset
    6 Letís All Sing!
    9 The Money Maze (Nick Clooney game)
    13 TattleTales (Bert Convy game)

    6 En Francais

    4 Wheel of Fortune (Chuck Woolery game; delayed from 7:30 East Coast feed)
    6 Bread and Butterflies
    9 Green Acres
    11 The New Zoo Revue
    13 Gambit (Wink Martindale game; delayed from 7:30 East Coast feed)

    4 Whatís My Line? (Larry Blyden game; Blyden died just over one month after this)
    9 Movie (The West Point Story, 1950 musical starring James Cagney)
    11 Bob Love Family Theater (How to Stuff a Wild Bikini, 1965 Beach Comedy with Annette Funicello, Mickey Rooney and Buster Keaton)
    13 Now You See It (Jack Narz game; delayed from 8:00 East Coast feed)

    4 The Courtship of Eddieís Father
    13 The Price is Right (Bob Barker game; delayed from 12:00 East Coast feed)

    4 Family Affair
    13 Ironside

    4 The Merv Griffin Show (guests include Chad Everett, Kay Starr, Sydney Omarr and singer Tom McKinney)
    11 Father Knows Best

    6 Mister Rogersí Neighborhood
    9 The Mickey Mouse Club (Jerry Colonna guests)
    11 Nanny & The Professor
    13 Dinah!

    6 Sesame Street
    9 ABC Evening News with Howard K. Smith & Harry Reasoner
    11 Room 222

    4/9/13 Local News
    11 Gilliganís Island

    4 NBC Nightly News with John Chancellor
    6 The Electric Company
    9 Hoganís Heroes
    11 I Love Lucy
    13 CBS Evening News with Walter Cronkite

    4 Local News
    6 Lilias, Yoga & You
    9 The Mod Squad
    11 The Partridge Family
    (Nothing is listed for KOLD-TV/13; Iím assuming it was a local newscast that was scheduled here)

    4 The Lucy Show
    6 Something Else
    11 Bewitched
    13 To Tell The Truth (Garry Moore game)

    6 News

    4 Adam-12
    6 Topic of Tucson
    9 Happy Days
    11 News
    13 All In The Family (was this delayed from Saturday at 7:00, or did CBS move this series into the Good Times slot on its way to Monday nights that Fall?)

    4 NBC World Premiere Movie (They Only Come Out at Night, 1975 mystery TV-movie starring Jack Warden)
    6 Nova
    9 ABC Tuesday Movie Of The Week (Returning Home, 1975 drama TV-movie about World War II veterans adjusting to post-War American life, starring Dabney Coleman and Tom Selleck)
    11 Tucson City Forum
    13 M*A*S*H

    11 Bonanza
    13 Hawaii Five-O (William Windom guest stars)

    6 Woman

    4 Police Story (David Birney stars)
    6 Interface
    9 Marcus Welby, M.D. (guests are Lindsay Wagner, Dack Rambo and Diana Hyland)
    11 Perry Mason
    13 Barnaby Jones

    6 Solar Energy

    4/9/13 Local News
    6 Book Beat (a repeat of an interview with British humorist P.G. Wodehouse, whoíd died in February at age 93)
    11 The Best of Groucho

    4 The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson (guests include Harvey Korman and comic Irv Benson)
    9 Wide World of Entertainment (ďHas Marriage Had It?,Ē a documentary special hosted by Dyan Cannon and featuring Lee Grant)
    11 Movie (Spring Reunion, 1957 romantic drama starring Betty Hutton and Dana Andrews)
    13 The CBS Late Movie (Madigan: The Midtown Beat, 1973 episode of the NBC mystery series starring Richard Widmark and Charles Durning)

    4 Tomorrow with Tom Snyder
    9 News

    11 Rod Serlingís Night Gallery (Serling died two months after this)

    4/11 News
    King Daevid MacKenzie

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    Re: Retro: Tucson and Nogales, Arizona, Tuesday, April 29, 1975

    "All In The Family" still aired on Saturdays at 8 (ET/PT);
    it would be moved to Mondays at 9 in the fall in compliance
    with the family-hour rules. I've seen somewhere that KOLD
    carried Lawrence Welk at 6:30 Saturdays, which would have
    run over into "AITF"'s timeslot in Arizona.

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    Re: Retro: Tucson and Nogales, Arizona, Tuesday, April 29, 1975

    Yes, in the 1970s, KOLD-TV aired the syndicated Welk on Saturday nights--
    first at 7, later at 6:30 (then ultimately at 6, IIRC). The 6:30 and 7 airings
    bumped one or both of the CBS 8/7 hour shows to other nights.
    Save AM radio...kill I-CRAP.

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