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Thread: What ever happened with Radio For Peace Int'l in Costa Rica?

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    What ever happened with Radio For Peace Int'l in Costa Rica?

    Several years ago I remember hearing about the American-run shortwave station "Radio for Peace International" being shut down by the Costa Rica government. Had a chance to monitor it on SW from time to time in the US and online, then there was word the staff were locked out and the station shut down without warning. At least that was the word we got from the station, trying to defend its operation and get back its equipment.

    I always wondered what was really going on there? The programming on shortwave appeared to be affiliated with a small college, and was similar to the Pacifica-affiliated community radio outlets on the West Coast. Any insider knowledge here? Did the facilities get restored, or taken over by others? Or simply locked out for ever? And why?
    Was it some sort of hostile takeover, or local resentments of gingos operating there? Or a passive agressive way for college administrators to get rid of some radio folk they might not have liked having around?? Either way, it doesn't sound characteristic of the nature-loving progressive paradise we hear that Costa Rica is supposed to be.

    Last I recall RFP was based near Portland OR, but I haven't even thought of them for years until tonight. And I haven't tried to tune in SW in years, either, since I haven't been able to hear anything on my tuner since I moved to Seattle under the Queen Anne hill towers (too much electrical interference, and maybe the tuner is not working right anymore from lack of use).

    Is there anything coming out of Central America on Shortwave anymore, aimed at the United States?

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    Re: What ever happened with Radio For Peace Int'l in Costa Rica?

    This will take you here.
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