Japan FM Band
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Thread: Japan FM Band

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    Japan FM Band

    After Analog Shut Down in Japan in 2011..

    Is the Japanese Goverment going to expand the FM Band to 108??

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    Re: Japan FM Band

    Hmmm didn't read about that....

    I am not sure if Japan's shutdown will work the same way as the US did....in fact, only hi-UHF has been/will have been released for other uses in the US. It's quite possible that the same Japanese TV channels will still be used for digital.

    Japan doesn't have all that many FM stations in operation as it is now....I'm not sure that they'd even want to expand. Doesn't Tokyo have only about 3 or 4 stations on FM?

    Someone better in-the-know can answer this.


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    Re: Japan FM Band

    Here are TV Stations in Tokyo.

    NHK 1 CH. 1 (PSIP 1)

    NHK 2 CH. 3 (PSIP 2)

    NIPPON TV CH. 4 DT 25 (PSIP 4)

    TBS TV CH. 6 DT DT 22 (PSIP 6)

    FUJI TV CH. 8 DT 21 (PSIP 8)

    TV ASAHI CH. 10 DT 24 (PSIP 5)

    TV TOKYO CH. 12 DT 23 (PSIP 7)

    Tokyo MX CH. 14 DT. 20 (PSIP 9)

    Open University TV CH 16. DT 28

    Japan uses a different DTV system than the United States, but their analog are identical to each other. Analog uses NTSC, however in Japan their digital uses ISDB-T which I'm not sure if its compatible with ATSC in North America like Canada, US, and Mexico.

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    Re: Japan FM Band

    In Wakkanai, Hokkaido, Japan. there's a couple 102.5, 103.5, 105.5 & 106.0 Sakhalin's FM stations


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    Re: Japan FM Band

    @ Mario

    I believe the Sakhalin stations are in Russian territory and thus use the 88-108 bandplan.

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    Re: Japan FM Band

    How about moving some AM stations to FM in Japan after Analog Shutdown

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    Re: Japan FM Band

    anyone else

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    It's close to 2014

    Did they expand or kept it as is?

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    The poster above was correct Japan's Digital TV system is NOT compatible with the USA version. Japanese engineers did not like the ATSC standards.

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    Japan expanded to 95 MHz

    I only saw it on the Wiki, Any Info?

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