Channels Listed In The Providence Edition Of TV Guide:

Providence, R.I.
36 WSBE (PBS) (Temporarily off the air)
64 WSTG (Ind.)

Vineyard Haven, Mass.
58 WCVX (Ind.)

25 WXNE (Ind.)
38 WSBK (Ind.)
56 WLVI (Ind.)
68 WQTV (Ind.)

27 WHLL (Ind.)

66 WVJV (Ind.)

Hartford, Conn.
61 WTIC (Ind.)

20 WTXX (Ind.)

New Britain

New Haven


PIX WPIX (New York City; Ind.)
WOR WOR (New Jersey; Ind.)

5 PM
2 24 53 Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood
3 Three’s Company
4 People’s Court (see WTNH, 4:30 PM)
5 Too Close For Comfort: Free-spirited cousin April (Deena Freeman), an aspiring songwriter, moves in with the girls.
7 $100,000 Pyramid: Guests: Teresa Ganzel, Howard Morton.
8 News
10 Perfect Match
12 M*A*S*H: While Charles suffers from a toothache, the 4077th is confronted with a high proportion of black casualties.
20 Happy Days
25 Dukes Of Hazzard: The Dukes’ rental truck gets hijacked along with its cargo: a priceless antique – and a runaway teen-ager who went unnoticed by Coy and Vance. Bobby Lee: Michele Greene.
27 Love Boat: Gopher’s widowed mother (Ethel Merman) tries to hide her grief from her son; a comic (Johnny Yune) falls for a reporter (Momo Yashima) doing a story on him.
30 Benson
38 Charlie’s Angels: Conclusion. Kris, Kelly and their new teammate (Tanya Roberts) investigate a murder in the modeling industry.
56 Brady Bunch: Cindy’s dilemma: only one parent may be invited to her upcoming school play.
61 Monkees: Gypsies force the Monkees to steal a valuable piece of sculpture.
64 She-Ra: Princess Of Power
PIX Eight Is Enough
WOR Police Woman

5:30 PM
2 Reading Rainbow (CC): lessons on how the body catches and combats germs include the reading of “Germs Make Me Sick.” Also: an organic farm.
3 8 News
4 Live On 4
5 All In The Family: Edith (Jean Stapleton) rebels when Archie orders her to quit her job.
7 Wheel Of Fortune (a rarity for the same program to be scheduled twice within the same daypart; though the show that WBZ aired at 3 PM was the NBC-fed version)
10 Newlywed Game
12 WKRP In Cincinnati: A garbage strike prompts Johnny (Howard hesseman) to jokingly advise listeners to use the steps of City Hall as a dump.
20 Laverne & Shirley
24 53 Reading Rainbow (CC): A lesson on how the body combats illness includes the reading of “Germs Make Me Sick.” (Yes, I know, déjà vu – the same exact episode WGBH is airing in the same exact timeslot, but a different description – unless they planned on not showing the segment about “an organic farm”?)
30 WKRP In Cincinnati: Bailey persuades Jennifer (Loni Anderson) to call Herb’s bluff and accept a date.
56 Brady Bunch: With a new Brady lady at the helm, Alice (Ann B. Davis) decides it’s time to leave.
58 Sewing With Nancy (odd to find a commercial station airing PBS programming like this show, as well as “Connie Martinson Talks Books” listed earlier in the day; that show aired on the old WNYE/New York, when it was a PBS station)
61 I Dream Of Jeannie: A hurricane traps Jeannie, Tony, Roger and Dr. Bellows at the Nelsons’.
64 Gidget

6 PM
2 MacNeil, Lehrer Newshour
3 4 7 News (60 minutes)
5 News (CC) (60 minutes)
6 8 10 12 30 News
20 PIX Gimme A Break!
24 53 Doctor Who (BW): “The Sensorites,” Part 4.
25 Monkees (see WTIC, 5 PM)
27 Love Connection
38 Quincy: Quincy links a spate of smog-related deaths to pollutants from an oil refinery.
56 What’s Happening!!: Mama (Mabel King) asks Roger (Ernest Thomas) to forgo the party of the year to babysit for his sister.
58 Headline News
61 Bewitched: A magic show caps a story about Esmeralda’s bungling baby-sitting.
64 Monkees (same episode as WXNE? Also, cable network Nickelodeon was also airing this program at this time)
WOR Hart To Hart

6:30 PM
6 CBS News – Dan Rather
8 12 ABC News (CC) – Peter Jennings
10 30 NBC News – Tom Brokaw
20 Too Close For Comfort
24 53 Nightly Business Report: Guest commentator: Lester Thurow.
25 Gilligan’s Island: The castaways try using part of a telephone cable to call for help.
27 People’s Court (see WTNH, 4:30 PM)
56 Good Times: The Evanses decide to throw a rent party for an impoverished neighbor (Helen Martin).
58 News
61 Harper Valley
64 Hogan’s Heroes
68 Gidget: Gidget urges a folk singer (Henry Jaglow) to raise his voice against unfair movie prices. (Everything about this episode would be relevant today – folk singer and all!)
PIX Benson

7 PM
2 Doctor Who: “The Androids Of Tara,” Part 1. The discovery of the fourth segment of the Key to Time provokes an identity crisis.
3 7 CBS News – Dan Rather
4 NBC News – Tom Brokaw
5 ABC News (CC) – Peter Jennings
6 People’s Court (see WTNH, 4:30 PM)
8 12 Wheel Of Fortune
10 PM Magazine: Included: the cast of “The New Leave It To Beaver”; a man who invented a toy voice box.
20 M*A*S*H
24 53 MacNeil, Lehrer Newshour
25 Gimme A Break!: Carl’s father (John Hoyt) discovers his wife (Elvia Allman) had an affair – 30 years ago.
27 Movie: “Dead End” (BW) (1937)
30 WOR $100,000 Pyramid
38 M*A*S*H: Hawkeye splatters mud on an unforgiving colonel (Tim O’Connor).
56 Angie: It’s the Falcos vs. the Bensons in a sendup of the “Family Feud” show. Host: Richard Dawson. Announcer: Gene Wood.
58 Good Evening, Cape Cod!
61 Matt Houston: Roy (Buddy Ebsen) fakes his own funeral when members of the CIA team are eliminated one at a time by a man they exposed as a double agent years ago.
64 Hawaii Five-O
68 Movie: “The Gold Rush” (BW) (1925)
PIX INN News – Hanover/Holbrook (WPIX usually aired “The Jeffersons” in this timeslot, but they moved the news back a half-hour due to Yankee baseball – and George and Weezie got quite the shaft this week, as there were four Yankee games in a row scheduled for 7:30 PM start times!)

7:30 PM
2 Soapbox With Tom Cottle: Teen-agers offer opposing views on the importance of religion in their lives.
3 PM Magazine (see WJAR, 7 PM)
4 Evening Magazine: The cast of “The New Leave It To Beaver”; Mexico’s Baja Peninsula.
5 Chronicle (CC): Included: a preview of the New England Patriots’ 1986 football season. (Live)
6 38 Baseball: Boston at Baltimore. (Live) (FYI: WLNE normally aired “Love Connection” at this time; WSBK, “Barney Miller”.)
7 10 Entertainment Tonight: Scheduled: Sissy Spacek.
8 12 Jeopardy!
20 Barney Miller
25 Private Benjamin: Benjamin’s mother (Barbara Barrie) tries to muster her daughter out of the Army.
30 Newlywed Game
56 Benson: With Pete and Denise moving to Houston, Benson must choose a replacement. The choices: a priggish preppy (Steven Peterman) – or Kraus (Inga Swenson).
PIX Baseball: New York Yankees at Toronto. (Live)
WOR Entertainment Tonight (has to be the same episode airing on WNEV and WJAR in this same timeslot)

8 PM
2 Mystery! (CC): Agatha Christie’s “The Case Of The Discontented Soldier”, with William Gaunt and Patricia Garwood. (Repeat)
3 Price Is Right (this was back when CBS wheeled this show out in primetime; apparently, WNEV thought it was a loser enough to go with alternate programming)
4 10 30 Cosby Show (CC): When Theo decides he wants to go out into the “real world” instead of to college, Cliff (Bill Cosby) and the family give him a taste of reality. (Repeat)
5 8 12 NFL Football: New England at New York Jets. (Live) (Apparently, Thursday night football existed before the emergence of NFL Network. Question: Does anybody know if this was an ABC broadcast, or do the local over-the-air Patriots affiliates in those markets just happen to be ABC stations?)
7 Lifestyles Of The Rich And Famous: Included: segments on Ted Knight and modeling agent John Casablancas; a visit to the Swiss resort of Burgenstock. (Aw, yeah, who needs Bob Barker, huh?)
20 Movie: “Silk Stockings” (1957)
24 53 All Creatures Great And Small
25 Movie: “Sweet Hostage” (1975) (listed as a TV-movie)
56 Movie: “Eric” (1975) (listed as a TV-movie)
58 Merv Griffin: Guests: Loni Anderson, Lonnie Shorr.
61 Movie: “Terror On The 40th Floor” (1974) (listed as a TV-movie)
64 Movie – To Be Announced
WOR News

8:30 PM
4 10 30 Our House: Debut: After her husband’s death, Jessie Witherspoon (Deidre Hall) packs up her three kids and moves in with her father-in-law (Wilford Brimley), a widower set in his ways. In the opener, Kris (Shannen Doherty) hopes to transfer to a school with an honors program, while Jessie tries to reenter the work force. [The series airs Sunday beginning Sept. 14.]
68 Movie: “Destination Saturn” (BW) (1939)
WOR $1,000,000 Chance Of A Lifetime

9 PM
2 Victory Garden: Contest voting instructions are given. (Since there was no Internet back in 1986, I am assuming it actually took a half-hour just to explain how to enter a contest.)
3 7 Movie (CC): Pam Dawber plans an “American Geisha” in the fact-based story of an anthropology student who became the only American woman ever to live and train in the closed society of the Japanese geisha. A 1986 TV-movie filmed in Kyoto and Tokyo. (I wonder how you say “Nanoo, nanoo” in Japanese.)
24 53 Great Little Railways
27 Movie: “The Ballad Of Andy Crocker” 91969) (listed as a TV-movie)
58 Hangin’ In (see WPRI, 4 PM)
WOR Movie: “Pal Joey” (1957)

9:30 PM
2 Say Brother: Topic: Youth Enrichment Services, a program to help city children experience nature.
4 10 30 Night Court: Conclusion. Hurricane Mel traps expectant fathers and four pregnant women in the courtroom, which gets turned into a makeshift birthing room. Stanley: Dick Butkus. Benay: Pam Grier. (Repeat)

10 PM
2 News (CC)
4 10 30 Today At Night: TV is the theme of the second prime-time edition of the “Today” show. Included: talks with Bill Cosby and Jackie Gleason on the changes in TV comedy since the 1950s; a preview of the upcoming season; a humorous look at past flops; an assessment of news coverage; and comments by critics and producers. Bryant Gumbel is the host. (I always thought a show called “Today At Night” would be “The Tonight Show”. No wonder this forgettable series didn’t last. I wonder if “Dateline NBC” ever did an updated report on “past flops” and included “Today At Night” as an example.)
24 53 Mystery! (CC) (see WGBH, 8 PM)
25 Forgotten Children Of The ‘80s: A fund-raiser to aid underprivileged children in Third World countries. Guests include Meredith MacRae, Alex Trebek and Sarah Purcell.
56 58 News
61 Star Search: An encore presentation of the 1984 championship-finals show features singers San Harris, Ty Herndon and Monica Pege; comedians Brad Garrett and Rick Ducommun; country-music group Sawyer Brown. (WTIC aired various programs in this timeslot, including “Lifestyles Of The Rich And Famous” on Mondays, and “Kojak” on other nights when special programs were not scheduled.)
64 Jack Van Impe: The Occult World (CC): The evangelist and his wife Rexella discuss the dangers of becoming involved in occult practices. Music includes “At Calvary.” (WSTG usually aired “INN News” at 10 PM, followed by “Bizarre” at 10:30 PM – ironically, they thought an even more “bizarre” program was worth pre-empting “Bizarre” for the evening, let alone the news.)
68 Jimmy Swaggart
PIX INN News – Morton Dean

10:30 PM
2 Nightly Business Report (see WEDH/WEDN, 6:30 PM)
6 Greatest Sports Legends: A look at tennis pro Jimmy Connors focuses on his career from one-time “bad boy” of tennis to one of the era’s best players. [Time approximate after baseball.]
20 Alfred Hitchcock (BW) (I believe they also aired this show at 10 PM also, when the nightly movie was only two hours long)
27 58 Headline News
38 Dick Van Dyke (BW): Rob uses Laura’s faults as a premise for a comedy sketch. [Time approximate after baseball.] (By the way, WSBK usually aired “Odd Couple” at 10 PM.)
56 INN News – Morton Dean
68 Movie: “Pride Of The Bowery” (BW) (1940)
PIX News

11 PM
2 Home Of The Brave (CC): Examining the problems of Indians in South America as well as those in the U.S. who’ve been displaced from ancestral lands in the name of development.
3 News (35 minutes – looks like WFSB was way ahead of its time when it comes to the length of late newscasts)
4 5 6 7 8 10 12 30 News
20 Wild Wild West
24 53 This Old House (CC)
25 58 Comedy Tonight: Featured: Spike Jones Jr., Rick Overton, Jack Gallagher and Jimmy Tingle.
27 Movie: “The Kings Of France” (1973)
38 M*A*S*H: Writing to his sister, Father Mulcahy laments that he can’t offer temporal comfort.
56 Nightlife – David Brenner: Scheduled: Sugar Ray Leonard. (This was the debut week of ABC’s new late-night series, which also starred the late Billy Preston. I recall promos for the show including the tagline: “Finally, there’s life after “Nightline.” I suppose WCVB knew this show was going to be a dud; hence, why they pawned it off on WLVI for clearance in the Boston market.)
61 Abbott And Costello (BW): The boys go gambling in Las Vegas.
64 Bob Newhart
PIX Odd Couple
WOR Carol Burnett And Friends

11:30 PM
4 10 30 Tonight: Scheduled: Billy Crystal (guest host), Howard Cosell, comedian Richard Lewis, Larry Gatlin and the Gatlin Brothers.
5 8 Nightline – Ted Koppel
6 Night Heat: A sailor’s dockside murder puts Giambone and O’Brien (Jeff Wincott, Scott Hylands) on the trail of an escaped felon. (Repeat)
7 Entertainment Tonight (see 7:30 PM)
12 Barney Miller: Conclusion. The quarantine as given everyone cabin fever.
25 700 Club
38 Hogan’s Heroes: Klink’s failure to win a promotion has him awake all night – when Hogan is trying to sneak a prisoner out.
56 Sanford And Son: Fred has a toothache, Lamont has the pain – namely Fred, who won’t see a dentist.
58 War Chronicles: Documented: Allied operations in the Pacific theater, including the Marshall islands, the Marianas, the Philippines and Midway.
61 McHale’s Navy (BW): Binghamton brims with joy when he finds Parker’s diary, which tells of McHale’s shady deals.
64 Comedy Tonight (see WXNE/WCVX, 11 PM)
PIX Honeymooners (BW)
WOR Police Woman

11:35 PM
3 Entertainment Tonight (see WNEV/WJAR, 7:30 PM)

5 Night Gallery
7 Movie: “Stormin’ Home” (1985) (listed as a TV-movie)
8 Nightlife (see WLVI, 11 PM)
12 Nightline – Ted Koppel
20 Please Help Me Life
38 Alfred Hitchcock (BW)
56 News
61 Comedy Break
PIX Star Trek

12:05 AM
3 Movie: “Stormin’ Home” (1985) (listed as a TV-movie)

12:30 AM
4 10 30 Late Night With David Letterman: Scheduled: Gene Siskel and Roger Ebert, and Canadian singer K.D. Lang. (Yes, Ms. Lang’s initials in that description were capitalized.)
5 Night Gallery
8 Dynasty
12 Nightlife (see WLVI, 11 PM)
38 Alfred Hitchcock (BW)
61 Dr. Gene Scott
WOR Entertainment Tonight

12:40 AM
6 Movie: “The Long Dark Night” (As the description reads: “A 1977 film shown in theaters as “The Pack.” Another question: Does anybody know why WLNE was fed different CBS late-night programming than WFSB and WNEV?)

1 AM
5 Sally Jessy Raphael: Topic: religious sects. (Repeat)
20 Movie: “Women At West Point” (look familiar? That’s because WTXX rebroadcast their afternoon movie in late night)
25 Star’s Table – Interview
27 Record Guide
PIX Comedy Break
WOR Joe Franklin

1:30 AM
4 5 10 News

2 AM
4 Evening Magazine
5 Movie: “Call Of The Wild” (BW) (1935)
6 7 News
PIX Emergency!
WOR Movie: “Impulse” (BW) (British; 1954)

2:05 AM
3 CBS News Nightwatch

2:30 AM
4 Movie: “Three Hundred Miles For Stephanie” (1980) (listed as a TV-movie)
6 7 CBS News Nightwatch

3 AM
PIX Lifestyles Of The Rich And Famous (WPIX’ late-night scheduled varied; they would also air “Grizzly Adams” as well as the occasional movie)

3:30 AM
WOR The Saint (BW)

3:35 AM
5 Headline News

4 AM
3 CBS News Nightwatch Continues
5 Good Day!
PIX Kung Fu (hard to believe that WPIX is going to be airing local news in this same timeslot… my, how times have changed)

4:30 AM
4 People Are Talking
6 7 CBS News Nightwatch Continues
WOR Jackie Gleason (BW)

4:55 AM
5 Morning Glory