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Thread: Radio In Antartica

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    Radio In Antartica

    Does anyone know if their are any radio stations in Antartica?

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    Re: Radio In Antartica

    I'd like to know this myself....but I can proffer:

    AFN (American Forces Network), last I heard, operates two FM stations at McMurdo base: 93.9 (which is 24h AFN) and Ice Radio 104.5, which is run by volunteers when they want to do a show...otherwise they may be exactly as 93.9.

    McMurdo used to use 6012 kHz shortwave until the 1980s or maybe early 1990s, which covered the continent.

    Also there has been reported the shortwave LRA36 Base Esperanza, I think on 15476 kHz.

    Anyone who can add to this, I'd like to know myself. An aircheck would be nice, too! Anybody?


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    Re: Radio In Antartica

    The only radio station in Antartica is LRA36 Radio Nacional Arcángel San Gabriel.

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    Re: Radio In Antartica

    Food for thought indeed...The Archangel Gabriel has a radio station.
    No irony there.

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