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    Quote Originally Posted by Facundo40 View Post
    I have some recorded tapes from 104 KRBE, Energy 96.5 and Mix 93 from the late 1980s and early 1990s that I burned on to CDs. They were recorded off radio from Network and Club Proteus back in the day. Those were the days!!
    Those would certainly be a treat to listen to!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dave Dr Mix Rajput View Post
    1987 thru 1989: The formative 3 years when the independent HOT MIX Radio Network made their most significant national impact in CHR & CROSSOVER radio syndication. The show was marketed utilizing custom promotional packages, which were personalized and sent to stations, our attendance at every major radio convention, along with thousands of phone calls, and hundreds of messages left....
    WNCI in Columbus, Ohio, was running two dance mix shows at this time, one on Friday night which I think was your Hot Mix, and then what I believe was a locally produced show on Saturday night. Or maybe it was the other way around. In the same market, 92X was running a competing show on one of those nights with an ever-so-slightly edgier selection.

    It was awesome. As a pop-and-dance loving teenager I was just lost in the music. Couldn't get enough of it. I even made my own pause-button cassette edits of my favorite songs and transitions from a couple of the shows. It all just sounded so fresh and flawless. I didn't care that every mix was totally by the numbers and the on-air DJs could be counted on to ruin every other transition with their endless yapping and self-promotion.

    Buying maxi-singles and listening to the Hot Mix was my gateway drug. I went way down the rabbit hole after that, and was, for a time in the '90s, a small-time club and rave DJ & promoter. So far I have not met anyone who went down the same path. It seems no one into underground techno and house ever had a soft spot for late '80s freestyle, R&B and dance-pop. Oh well.

    The memories of those shows were all lost in time until I recently stumbled across some recordings someone made of a weekend dance mix show in Mexico City in 19861990. They really take me back. I've listened to a dozen of these shows and never once is "Hot Mix" mentioned, but the selection and style is 100% the same, to my ears, and there are almost no voiceovers. The guy is convinced that the resemblance to Hot Mix is just a coincidence, and that the mixes were made by the Mexican DJ who presented the shows. I keep hoping I'll run across a cue sheet that proves him wrong, but so far, no luck. Hot Mix playlists from before the ABC deal are nowhere to be found.

    So maybe you can help. I guess the only question is: did you syndicate the show to WFM 96.9 in Mexico City?

    I'm not going to try to tear anyone down here; the guy who taped the shows is just an excited fan like me. He can believe what he wants. I am just dying to know to satisfy my own curiosity.

    Anyway thank you guys for all the hard work you did making and promoting the show back then. I was going through a really rough time at home, and these shows were a real escape for me.

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