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Thread: I am seriously in LOVE with 92.3 Now FM

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    Re: I am seriously in LOVE with 92.3 Now FM

    Quote Originally Posted by TheSoundOfNOW
    This station sounds totally AWESOME. I enjoy listening to todays hit music on 92.3 Now FM! The sound of Now is going to be New Yorks #1 Radio Station soon.

    Who else is absolutely awestruck by 9.23 Now FM?!?!
    And the word for today, boys and girls, is *sycophant*, which is defined as a "self-seeking, servile flattererer". LOL

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    Re: I am seriously in LOVE with 92.3 Now FM

    okay had to tune in for a bit today... still not all that impressed by it... when you're going up against Z100, the station that basically every CHR station uses as the guide on how to do CHR, you've got to be better that they are. The talent just doesn't sound like it knows New York enough. It's not dancy enough for Pulse pick-ups, it's not Rhythmic CHR Urban enough to pick up that crowd... it basically has to try and steal diehard Z listeners and besides sample numbers in the cume, they haven't done it, people are tuning in when commercials are on other stations briefly, then turning the dial back when they think the commercials are done. There is nothing inspiring to keep them there.
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    Re: I am seriously in LOVE with 92.3 Now FM

    seems to me like they may steal some cume from KTU. They're very rhythmic and at the end of the day I don't know how much they'd really compete with Z100. They're 2 very different sounding stations CHRs.
    The on air talent on Z100 is undoubtely better and more local sounding but NOW has a more NY sounding playlist. I actually think they're starting to sound much better. They had Jay Z on today. They're clearly a work in progress.
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    Re: I am seriously in LOVE with 92.3 Now FM

    Quote Originally Posted by thataveragejoe
    "TheSoundofNow" with 1 post?!? I smell a troll. Or the user is smelling something else....
    Gotta love those hit and run posters.

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    Re: I am seriously in LOVE with 92.3 Now FM

    I listened yesterday,and I stayed tuned;
    they are sounding much better;
    as a long time radio fan( teen transistor radio carrier in the swinging 60s), NOW has already become WMCA to Z100 as Music Radio 77WABC;
    WMCA had a bigger playlist and an insanely devoted following; their problem was(for Nassau/Suffolk) a horribly weak signal...
    let's see what happens
    (NOW should actually do a Tuesday night countdown show and give the tunes chart placement; " and NOW!, it's #1, Black Eyed Peas, tc.
    can't hurt, as a throwback to the golden age of Top40, assigning chart positions to the tunes,and an on line survey playlist(we used o have to go to the record stores to pick up the physical weekly countdown chart) just makes the songs on NOW seem much more important than the exact same songs on Z100...
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    Re: I am seriously in LOVE with 92.3 Now FM

    I know as a 32 year old male I'm not Z's audience, and I don't proclaim to love them, though it is on my first set of presets... Last I knew, Z still did music tests, one of the few stations that still does. I think they're hitting their audience as they should as a mainstream top 40 station. I'm not sure you can sound more like NY than programming and testing here in NYC.

    If that's NY enough, how exactly should a Mainstream CHR from NYC sound if they're not it?
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    Re: I am seriously in LOVE with 92.3 Now FM

    I supported Z100 from day one, did several features on them before 'worst to first'(ask Mr.Shannon) was the first avid media supporter, and i remain so...
    but I do think what I prescribed as a classic Top 40 mainstay(making people mindful of 'hits' with numbers, countdowns, on line weekly charts) could be the straw on the camel's back..
    either way, it'll be fun to watch(like Z vs. PLJ,Larry Booger and all that, Mr.Leonard and so on)..

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    Re: I am seriously in LOVE with 92.3 Now FM

    Their cume dropped in the most recent PPMs

    Apparently even fewer people are awestruck by "The Sound of Now"

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    Re: I am seriously in LOVE with 92.3 Now FM

    I'm giving credit to NOW, they're ratings did climb up to 2.3, but slightly losing a little in their cumes, they are adding more selection to their playlist and getting the attention they need to get Z down. But it seems that KTU slipped down on this one, and it does look like it would be easier to knock KTU off the shelf.
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    Re: I am seriously in LOVE with 92.3 Now FM

    NOW has had to adjust their musical selections to try and find a nitch because they hadn't been making much of a dent in Z100... it'll be interesting to see how other stations try and close any hole for NOW to fit into as the existing stations don't want to give up market share. As for knocking KTU off the shelf, with a cume of over 5-million, they may have share to give up, but would be hard to knock off the shelf. 5-million is something only Lite and KTU can claim in the country right now.
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