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    Looking for ideas for nights when my station (Country and Family Friendly) hosts Monday Night Football games. Done the squares to death, and we have low/no budget. Any thoughts?
    One hundred years from now, who will really care about this?

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    Might try doing country music trivia, two or three teams of people, 3 points for answering an easy question, 7 for a harder question. Ever try nerf football into a basket or through a hoop? Everyone gets a toss in the first round, then move back a few feet for the second round, continue doing this until the last person makes a pass, WINNER! Get the bar owner to split costs of some crazy t-shirts with the bar's name and station logo for prizes. (Get large, xl,xxl sizes, nobody in bars can fit into a small or medium!) Maybe even have an on-air contest for best shirt design. Do you have a shot at tieing in with your closest NFL team on anything? Sometimes you can get a player to pop in for an appearance for charity (his or yours). Or a memorabliia signing party with a former player. Or get ahold of some pro football items and do a charity auction, again maybe from your nearest NFL team if possible, or tie in with a local sports memorabliia shop. Call me crazy but I've had fun with these things!

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    Best and most interactive promotion I ever did was "Major Wagers". Listeners come to the bar, they get a fake 50 bucks. Through out the game you make bets with the audience. The next drive will result in a touchdown. Patrons can take the bets..have a betting window which opens or only for a short few minutes. Winner collect their fake winnings and the person at the end of the evening with the biggest wnnings takes home the prize! The best one leaves bummed they didn't win..they will be back next time to try again and they have a good time playing and interacting. make some of the bets silly. I'll bet the Cowboys coach will get busted on camera picking his nose. Some bets set up so everyone is a winner. Get a hotty to be your betting babe!

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