Hi I just want to say that WCBSFM 101.1 New York did a BBQ (this is the second one) They had one last year, they held it in the same place, Nanson Park Staten island, NY. I think this is a Great thing to do as they can meet the fans they talk too. The staff and DJ's of the station are so nice and the DJ's do a autograph table, where fans can come and talk to them. I have been around a long time and they stopped doing things but when Jack left and it came back, they got so Awsome.
The music is always great at the BBQ and the food too. I think WCBSFM became more a Family now then just a station. I love their Music and I love all their DJ's.:-) I look forward to more things like this and Thank everyone at WCBSFM who made this possible. WCBSFM YOU ROCK!! LOVE YOU!

Looking forward to next year or maybe something this year you can do for us.