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Thread: 92.3 NOW: Is this for real?

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    92.3 NOW: Is this for real?

    Supposedly a listener that doesn't like 92.3 NOW had text the station their opinion. But for a radio station to reply a listener like what is shown on the video is really how to handle things?

    Feedback on this scenerio
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    Re: 92.3 NOW: Is this for real?

    With the way radio corporations think of thier listeners these days I don't doubt it a bit. Its hard to say whether this response was from an exec who thinks listeners don't matter anymore or a DJ who is probably sick of the listeners complaints AND the dumb decisions of management but this entirely lacks any professionalism whatsoever. Even a construction worker knows better than to act like that.

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    Re: 92.3 NOW: Is this for real?

    Doubtful... people can alter pictures or send what looks like a message from that number.

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    Re: 92.3 NOW: Is this for real?

    I wouldn't be surprised, but I wouldn't blame just the "execs." Jocks, even in an unprofessional moment, have long done stupid things like telling off abusive listeners. Not good, not smart, but it happens.

    Now, let's say it was you and y our ego was a little bigger than your brain size, and you had just received a "vulgar text, out of anger," and you just decided to go off ... or would you say, "Hey, sorry, appreciate your text, I'll pass it on ... and thanks for listening to NOW ... from your friends at CBS Radio!"

    What gives a listener the "right" to send a vulgar text, even out of anger to someone unknown? A nicer text, telling them how screwed they are would certainly (and possibly deservedly,) be ok ... but to send something that may (or may not) have ticked the jock off that much?

    It works both ways, but the jock shouldn't (if he did) do something that tacky. I know, two wrongs don't make a right, but still, why be abusive, just because you don't like a radio station? Oh, I know ... "out of anger."
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    Re: 92.3 NOW: Is this for real?

    This "14 year old" if really a 14 year old, seems to ..first, have pretty bad language, and the irony is that this person is complaining about their offensive text that is the return of their exact same text. Then this 14 year old has an awful lot of free time on hands to be contacting the media, newspapers, televisions stations, FOX News and Perez Hilton abut this, geez so immature. Geez if the text was so offensive to this person, why did they send it out to station in the first place, please, as if they didn't see it coming. And the text doesn't even mention that this person was 14, so they cant go off crying saying "im an innocent 14 year old that is so offended." Anyways, 1)Something doesn't match up here, and 2) Much ado about nothing. 3) We don't even know if this happened 4) The "14 year olds comments on the youtube page speak for themselves, agenda, immaturity, or both, IMHO.

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    Re: 92.3 NOW: Is this for real?

    Based on the time it was received, it was most likely Chunky who sent the reply. Chunky is the WORST jock I have ever heard in the country, even worse than Howard Stern. He hits on 11 year old girls every night. His idea of an intelligent discussion is asking ladies to tell the tri-state area what their bra size is. Yet, some girls still like to listen to him for the same reason they like to stay in an abusive relationship.

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    Re: 92.3 NOW: Is this for real?

    I dunno. It reeks of a stunt. No way would I believe a person that posts it on YouTube after supposedly contact all the networks... and Perez Hilton. *shudder* That, or she's boldface lying about her age. Any 14 year old that talks like that should make one weep for society, NOT go into a huff about 92.3 Now... that is, IF it ever happened.
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    Re: 92.3 NOW: Is this for real?

    Except it just seems like something Chunky would say.

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    Re: 92.3 NOW: Is this for real?

    Exactly. This type of immaturity is prevalent in mic breaks (especially with Chunky) and imaging, so it doesn't shock me that they'd text something like this. Mind you, the person they responded to was probably being equally rude and immature. But I'm sure Z100 and other stations get their fair share of "you suck" texts/emails and I doubt they resort to this. And Chunky probably brought it on with his own snide remarks.

    I don't understand why people like Allan Sniffen militantly defend the station's program choices. I may not be a fan of current pop music, but I can still tell that Z100 sounds much more professional and has more well-balanced mix of music, and the ratings reflect this. 92.3 Now sounds like a medium-market (at best) station being consulted by a bunch of bratty teenagers.

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    Re: 92.3 NOW: Is this for real?

    NOW sounds nothing like its left coast counterpart AMP. Tic Tak isn't bad on NOW, he used to be much more entertaining on Q102 back in the day, but I cannot believe Chunky is in market #1. His fans are adolescent girls whose disposable income is their allowance from mommy and daddy (advertisers aren't getting much value as they expect). People with an IQ above 92.3 won't like to listen to Chunky. NOW's song rotation is so bad that I can bet on which song I would hear next and I'd win most of my bets. I'm just glad that Kim Sozzi - Feel Your Love is among the songs they play over and over.

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