You've got morning show prep but no morning show
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Thread: You've got morning show prep but no morning show

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    You've got morning show prep but no morning show

    Back in the day when I was in radio, me and my morning show partner begged the company for a prep service.
    Something similar to ACN. There was one such service that we really wanted to get, but we were told that a cross-town competitor had it. What really ticked us off was the fact that the station didn't have a local morning show, but John Boy and Billy. Since JB&B is syndicated, who was using the prep service? The afternoon jock? Nope. All he did was read liner cards. Then we found out the competition's owner bought the prep service AFTER signing on JB&B. They didn't want ANYONE to have it. I don't know who I was angrier at: the competition, for pulling this stunt, or the prep service. They didn't care that the station wasn't using their prep; they just wanted the money.

    Has anyone else here had this situation happen to them?

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    Re: You've got morning show prep but no morning show

    Are you telling me that there's only ONE company that offers a prep service?

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    Re: You've got morning show prep but no morning show

    It's called competition. Radio used to be good at it.

    Regardless, you think JB&B use a prep service where they are? Do you think ANY highly successful show does? They do the work themselves based on what their show is about and what their audience needs. They prep 24/7, not just the 30 minutes before the show starts.

    With the exception of services that do a great job providing audio/video of what was talked about in the last 24 hours, few have any value if you want to be successful with today's audience.

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    Re: You've got morning show prep but no morning show

    I think its kinda lame, really, I've been handed passwords to a dozen prep services and the content is more often than not THE SAME! News doesn't miraculously appear ONLY for one service, its all the same, just written different.
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    A morning show shouldn't be dependent on a show prep service. I remember hearing ACN tapes at WROQ Charlotte in '86 while visiting a friend. He didn't use them for his show. Said someone else before him had used them and his station hadn't cancelled the service. Had about 10 cuts on each tape weekly. Not funny at all.
    Then I went to a station in VA where a guy used every cut on every ACN tape for his morning show. He told me I could drop the bits in my show if I wanted. I thought not gonna get that lame. He kept every tape filed away and put a card catalog together to look up the bits. There were hundreds of tapes on these shelves. I worked in Continuity/Production and I told one of the other jocks I was going to take those tapes and erase them and use them for production ... He said the other guy would kill me..

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    When one guy runs the entire show, it's hard to do prep on your own. The idea of doing prep 24/7 is fine if you have no life.

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