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Thread: Venezuela to revoke hundreds of radio licenses?

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    Venezuela to revoke hundreds of radio licenses?

    From "My Way" at

    (Small portion of article quoted here to whet your interest... this is Hugo Chavez' version of the Fairness Doctrine)

    CARACAS, Venezuela ([EDIT]) - The head of Venezuela's telecommunications regulatory agency said Friday that 240 radio stations will have their licenses revoked for failing to update their registrations with the government.

    A total of 86 AM radio stations and 154 FM stations have failed to turn in required documents, which will lead to the "recovery of all those concessions by the state," said Diosdado Cabello, who heads the telecommunications agency.

    Cabello said the radio stations should "shut down their equipment right away because we're going to open administrative proceedings, and that involves seizure of equipment." He said stations using their frequency without government authorization could face sanctions.

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    Re: Venezuela to revoke hundreds of radio licenses?

    This is reaffirmed, as you first informed us in a new report. The Venezuelan government, under the auspices of CONATEL, sent out a new set of standards and official "expedientes" demanding that ownership respond by August 21st. It should be noted that they were sent out July 31st, and according to the Venezuelan daily "El Universal," 55 percent of private stations could stop transmitting, or in Spanish as quoted, "el 55% de las estaciones privadas podr√*an dejar de funcionar"

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    Re: Venezuela to revoke hundreds of radio licenses?

    Headline: "Chavez minister vows more Venezuela radio closings"

    The story behind the story: Over 100 stations will be closed because of alleged media bias against Hugo Chavez.

    Read more here:
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