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    Re: Player 101

    And just for the record out of all the products I have used Player101 is the easiest to use. At least for me.
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    Re: Player 101

    There's really no need to get bent out of shape. :

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    Re: Player 101

    Here is my opinion on the subject:

    Player101 is not nexgen nor have there ever been any claims (to my knowledge) that it was nexgen. I have seen similar posts on forums where users have the misconception that Player101 is NexGen (or a stripped-down version) but if you take a deep look, it is an entirely different automation system.

    When I first used Player101, the only similarity to nexgen was the core automation engine. I firmly believe (and was told) that player101 was built on the same core concept as nexgen but it is not the same as nexgen. Player101 is targeted as being a cost-effective automation system, to be used with lower-cost off-the-shelf hardware for those with limited resources/budgets. I think as long as engineers and users remember this fact, player101 will work great. As I mentioned, I have never encountered a problem with player101.

    Although I feel Calavan888 mentioned nexgen and how much better it was, I don't think he made a direct comparison to nexgen. NexGen is the cream-of-the-crop when it comes to automation systems. It can do more and offers more than any other automation system, hands down. There should be no comparison between nexgen and player101, each is a different class of automation system.

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    Some of you mentioned a Nexgen demo. Does anyone here have a download link or file for that?


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