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Thread: FM Broadcast Band in China - 76-108 MHz

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    Yes, the US went from an eight MHz wide band (42-50 MHz) before WW2 to a twenty MHz wide band (88-108 MHZ) after.
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    At first I believe it went only to 105.9 with 106-108 used for facsimile.

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    Chinese FM Band

    Well, my chinese Roewe 350 that I bought new in august 2011 has AM, FM, and radio via G3 internet connection. The FM band goes from 87.5 till 108.0. This is the case with all car radios I have seen while in China, so nobody would be able to receive any OIRT band stations.

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    China uses 87.0 - 108 for regular FM stations.
    They use 76.0 to 86.9 for "campus radio", lower power fm station that is run by the university

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