Old WHAV talk show revived
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Thread: Old WHAV talk show revived

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    Old WHAV talk show revived

    According to Radio and Records, the old and long-gone "Open Mike" talk show heard on WHAV over a decade ago is returning to cable, streaming internet and Part 15 AM 1640 starting on February 2. It will be hosted by Jack Bevelaqua. The "Open Mike" show was on the air as far back as the 60's, hosted by Ed Johnson and others at their 30 How Street location.

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    Silas Hubbard

    Re: Old WHAV talk show revived

    I remember "Bill Pike with The Open Mike" back in the early '70's. I worked afternoons playing "chicken-rock" on WHAV; Ed Johnson and Ralph Hall reported the news. As I recall, Bill Pike came on at 6:00 PM. That's when I would leave to have dinner. I returned at 7:00 to play rock until midnight signoff. General Manager/Part owner Ed Cetlin told me to play "music for the kids."

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    Re: Old WHAV talk show revived

    Tom Bergeron had that shift as well.
    Ken Spalding was known to have a cocktail or two...
    Bill Pike took over for Edwin.
    FM was where their "Concert Hall, " is now.
    It had the world's worst shag carpeting in the FM studio.
    AM was next to the bathroom. Same as it ever was....

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    Silas Hubbard

    Re: Old WHAV talk show revived

    It was always fun to try to time the toilet flush when the Kenner had his mike open in the "AM box" just a few feet from the bathroom.

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    Re: Old WHAV talk show revived

    I remember working with Edwin. "The correct time (pause) for your convenience (pause) is...." I loved that. It sounded so...newsy.
    That little studio was something else. If you leaned back in the chair your head was almost out the door.
    To this day I remember the Karelis Jewelers billboard.

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    Silas Hubbard

    Re: Old WHAV talk show revived

    Edwin Johnson would walk in after his teaching day at the high school (and often a few cocktails with his wife) and ask, "What kind of mood is El Cid in today?," referring to Ed Cetlin. When referring to our audience in our conversations he would remark, "They're ALL out there!" He was so much fun to be around.

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    Re: Old WHAV talk show revived

    It was not uncommon for Edwin and the Kenner to go into a "meeting" after Open Mike with their friend, "Mr. Hennessey." Mr. Hennessey was a bottle of Hennessey cognac that the Kenner kept hidden behind the vinyl albums in the back of the studio near the time clock. Anyone remember Ned French, "the Swinger?" The Swinger would bring in his own lunch, complete with his glass jar of special "water." I believe that his special water was Smirnoff. No drinking in that station. But plenty of exceptional radio. Sort of...

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