94.3 WWNQ Stunting
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Thread: 94.3 WWNQ Stunting

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    94.3 WWNQ Stunting

    They are stunting with childrens stories. I have heard Charlottes Web among other stories on WWNQ. Strange stunting.


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    Re: 94.3 WWNQ Stunting

    Wouldn't have been what I would have done. Especially in this economy where there is little money for external promotion. I would have debuted the new format at 12:00 noon Christmas Day so that you can get all those ears that were listening to the Christmas tunes to sample the new station and then talk about it on Friday and the Monday after work.

    But then again, if I knew better, I'd own them, right?

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    Re: 94.3 WWNQ Stunting

    I thought that it was a little strange myself. I was still hearing that stuff this morning and would have thought that we would have gotten the new format either at noon yesterday or at six last night so it will be really interesting to see what follows here.

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    Re: 94.3 WWNQ Stunting

    Children's stories? Wow. Strange.

    Sure is good to have all of that Christmas music gone. I am enjoying WSPA once again.

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    Re: 94.3 WWNQ Stunting

    Radio Disney, perhaps?

    That would be a heck of a flanker move out of left field. Radio Disney is basically a CHR targeted at kids and moms.

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    Re: 94.3 WWNQ Stunting

    Radio Disney...haha. It would be an attention-getter.

    WWNQ played two strange songs (according to yes.com) at 1:45AM and 2:00AM...Real Gone by Sheryl Crow and Life is a Highway by Rascal Flatts. Was that an accident or something?

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    Re: 94.3 WWNQ Stunting

    As for as children's stories, it's actually "FULL LENGTH MOVIES" they are airing and advertising. I heard "A Night At The Museum". There are also liners directing listeners to New 92. I hope it's NOT radio disney, but a REAL top 40 or something INTERESTING for Columbia!


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    Re: 94.3 WWNQ Stunting

    I agree, I would love to see a really good Top 40 station come into the market and give both WNOK and WTCB a good run for their money as well. I just wonder if a Lite AC station would work even though WTCB is considered AC.

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    Re: 94.3 WWNQ Stunting

    I think if a Top 40 or Rhy Top 40 were to sign on, it would certainly shake some things up in the market. Or even if an active rock station signed on.

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    Re: 94.3 WWNQ Stunting

    I know it has been either hit or miss in other markets, but how bout a good well programmed Rhythmic AC station that could take not only NOK down a peg by grabbing their older end, but could also take down TCB a peg as well..... I know that is crazee thinking on my part, but not only would it pull away people from B, NOK, but could pull a few away from DM and 103 who may not be into the slow jamz all the time... JMO... CC1

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