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Thread: What ever happend to Q99 WQMV Vicksburg Jackson?

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    Re: What ever happend to Q99 WQMV Vicksburg Jackson?

    Babe......I got you babe! They say our love wont pay the rent.......mmm mm mmm. Effects of RF maybe?

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    Re: What ever happend to Q99 WQMV Vicksburg Jackson?

    Someone mentioned why 98.7 had the call letters WJKK (which would be better for a Jack FM station). I believe that goes back to when 98.7 called itself Jackson's Capitol Country (with a "K" I assume) Doe's anyone know of any other call letters used on 98.7. all I can remember is WQMV, WCKO, WIIN (now on 780) and WJKK)

    But I do remember Q-99, 98-Rock (twice), Win-98, Hot 98, 98-Jams, Love-98, 98 Mix, Mix 98.7. They've had almost as many changes as AM 780 and AM 1590

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    Re: What ever happend to Q99 WQMV Vicksburg Jackson?

    At the time that they were 98 Rock WCKO(1988?), they were positioning themselves as heavier/louder than Z106. During that period, they were in The Quarters on Lakeland Drive in Jackson.

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    Re: What ever happend to Q99 WQMV Vicksburg Jackson?

    Maybe someone can refresh my memory but wasn't the original 98 Rock more of a short lived adult rock format? I didn't seem to last very long. It seems like it was Hot 98 top 40 around the same time as Hot 95 was around. The second incarnation of 98 Rock was more hair band and metal. I remember "Buffalo" Chip Matthews was on it, after he had left Z106. After 98.7 dropped the rock, Chip Matthews and the head bangers wound up on WOKJ 1550 as "K-Rock" until it went belly-up and they cut off the lights. 1550 was either broke down or off the air half the time anyway.

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    Reading much about QMV. but no one seems to go far enough back for me to "connect". I remember WQMV FM 98.7 in mid 70's with Mark Shannon as DJ. About the time I moved away, I had just gotten my FCC license, but QMV went country... Then I just lost track. Does anyone have info about the station from 74 - 77?? Other than the fact that it was located in the Emmich Building and you had to put on a long playing record and go to liquor store or Burger Chef to pee??? And what happened to all the DJs? HMMM?!

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    I don't remember a lot of the jocks on Q99, but sadly, Scott Mateer passed away a few years ago. He had moved to Nashville to become a country music songwriter.

    Someone mentioned Bill Wilson earlier. Is he the same one that does traffic reports on the Alpha Media stations (99 Jams, Kixie 107, etc.)?

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    I remember Q99 being a top-40 station in the mid-'80s. It went country in November, 1986. (I do remember hearing a DJ saying "There's a rumor Q99 is going country" on 94TYX.)

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