Wired 96-9 in Spokane goes All-Christmas
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Thread: Wired 96-9 in Spokane goes All-Christmas

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    Wired 96-9 in Spokane goes All-Christmas

    Can you say "format change?" I knew you could......they started playing all Christmas music last week sometime and just using the handle "96-9," joining my station "Lite Rock KISS 98.1," playing all-Christmas music, we started on Saturday the 15th at Midnight......response has been good....I think with the economy being what it is, Christmas music may be a bit like "comfort food" for listeners.

    Rumors about "Wired 96-9" say they will switch from chr-hip hop to either country, oldies or A/C. The KXLY group does NOT have a country station, and now that "Oldies 101.1" has gone pretty much Classic Hits and just uses the handle "101-point-1 FM." So maybe the "True Oldies" format is a possibility, but since KXLY-FM switched to adult alternative from A/C and the ratings haven't been particularly stellar, maybe it will be A/C.

    Guess we'll have it wait for the day after Christmas to see. What is weird they do stream on-line, and when they go into a spot break from the Christmas music, then it's around 4 minutes or so of hip-hop music between Perry Como and Bing Crosby...that makes for lots of long-term on-line listening, eh???? Even on Saturday morning they were doing a Hot-30 countdown of hip-hop songs.....which again goes so nicely with Christmas music.

    Again, it will be interesting to see what transpires.......

    Your Spokane Radio Pal


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    Re: Wired 96-9 in Spokane goes All-Christmas

    Did LIVE 104.5 ever come back online???

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    Re: Wired 96-9 in Spokane goes All-Christmas

    nope----neither 104.5 or their co-owned at one time station 107.1 has returned to the air...still nothing but static......or an extended version of the simon & garfunkel hit "the sounds of silence."

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    Re: Wired 96-9 in Spokane goes All-Christmas

    I think Wired will simply return as CHR/Pop

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    Re: Wired 96-9 in Spokane goes All-Christmas

    i'd say that's doubtful...as it would take away from kzzu....i'd say 3 choices----country, oldies or mainstream a/c bringing back "Classy 96.9" since the kxly group changed classy 99.9 to the river, their ratings haven't been stellar that would be the most sense to me.....but you never know what's gonna happen these days now do we? since classy changed to the river, kiss-fm has had the mainstream a/c format all to themselves---granted I like that as we get stellar #'s......we'll know in a little more than 2 weeks! Friday the 26th would be my guess for the format to flip....

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    Re: Wired 96-9 in Spokane goes All-Christmas

    Well, I noticed KZZU now playing more Pop-friendly Rhythmic product at night, so something must be up at both stations. One gets the feeling that ZZU might be ditching Adult Top 40 for CHR/Pop again.

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    Re: Wired 96-9 in Spokane goes All-Christmas

    if 92.9 goes top 40 at night and modern rock during the day they need a another top 40 station or put 92.9 as a whole top 40 station during the day and at night in spokane

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    Re: Wired 96-9 in Spokane goes All-Christmas

    I knew the "Wired" format wouldn't last long in Spokane, just like "Wild". But Rhythmic CHRs in general are having problems all over the country. I think in 2009, you'll start seeing a mass exodus of the format.

    Knowing KXLY, AC seems most likely. AAA hasn't done too well for 99.9 (on top of the fact it's TIGHTLY programmed....just a little TOO tight for a true AAA. That style works better with soft ACs than with AAAs.) The calls KEZE as "Easy 96-9" work this in better.

    Country is another, but Spokane has two country flamethrowers and a 3rd with only so many stations in the market is probably overkill.

    Oldies a little less likely. Oldies today are Pat Benatar and George Michael, not The Supremes and The Stones and are called the less age-defining "Classic Hits". Trouble is, it's a crowded format (when you also count in the JACKs and BOBs doing roughly the same thing) and most of us already have our share of '80s songs on CD or iPod.

    Spokane has never been a place where "innovative radio" comes to mind. In fact, the format wheel there has four basic spokes: Classic Rock/Hits, AC, Religion and Country. Pick any one of these and you just might hear it on 96.9.....

    To the person who stole my antidepressants; I hope you're happy now.

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    Re: Wired 96-9 in Spokane goes All-Christmas

    they changed wired 96.9 to country and I hate country music I think wired was better but that ok 92.9 better then them now days

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    Re: Wired 96-9 in Spokane goes All-Christmas

    Hey---meant to make this post yesterday, but it was Christmas....the old Wired at 96-9 is now Coyote Country 96-9, is was one of the 3 formats I predicted...A/C, Oldies or Country....and now in Spokane we have 4 country stations.

    KDRK 93.7
    KIXZ 96.1
    KEZE 96.9
    KICR 102.3

    And it's odd the KXLY group would pick "Coyote Country," the PD at KIXZ is Paul "Coyote" Neuman. Seems very odd and not too bright of a handle.....but I'm sure it was a consultant---they don't they "always know best?!?!?!?!?!"

    Personally....I love it---the fact where I hang my hat "Lite Rock Kiss 98.1" is the ONLY mainstream AC station in the market......love our #'s.....

    And to all readers....a belated Merry Christmas and a Very Happy 2009!!!!



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