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    The Mexican election commission actually has much more detailed information on radio and television coverage areas than the SCT (Mexico's FCC).

    You can find Longley/Rice coverage maps of every Mexican FM (by state) here:
    I'm fully aware of (and love) the INE maps. (If you're wondering why *they* have them, it's because Mexican electoral advertising law is capital-C Complicated!) But they don't show the transmitter site. If your station of interest is not an AM-FM migrant or with a recent change, or in some cases a noncommercial station, you're out of luck.

    The IFT supplies them this data (the SCT has not had any involvement with broadcasting stations in a number of years). But only the 2014 versions (and earlier) show transmitter sites (the more recent versions are better Longley-Rice maps though), and the way they're drawn makes them hard to find and requires you to have a map of electoral sections on hand to compare.

    Also, they show XHLTN off near the coast somewhere and XHMORE at the Cadena studios. Which makes far more sense than XHLTN being there. I suspect XHLTN may be on Mt. San Antonio as Imagen TV's transmitter is apparently there as well.
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