Welcome to the Tech Tips Board. It was created to address the need for a place to discuss questions and answers devoted to the engineering community. Unlike our other discussion boards, the Tech Tips Board exists specifically to take questions related to the engineering side and have them answered by those with the appropriate technical knowledge. While you don't have to be an engineer to post on this board, a certain amount of professional expertise is invaluable when answering technical questions.

Many times users have encountered technical problems that are difficult or impossible to troubleshoot. The Tech Tips Board is a place where users can weigh in with helpful suggestions. Are you in a bind and don't know what to do when a piece of equipment goes down? One of our users is bound to have an inspired answer. If you have helpful advice for a common problem facing all engineers, this board is the place to let others in on your secret.

Remember, our terms of service are still in effect and we ask that you focus your questions and answers specifically on the topic of technical issues.