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Thread: PLEASE READ THIS: Rules of the jobs board

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    PLEASE READ THIS: Rules of the jobs board

    1) Please post the position you're seeking, the market you're interested in (if applicable), your particular qualifications and contact information. It is highly recommended that you correspond through the site's private messaging system as it cannot be viewed by other users on the site.

    2) Replies to posts are not allowed.

    3) Companies offering jobs cannot post their openings on this board.

    4) Posts cannot be used to solicit customers. You must be actively seeking a position with a company rather than just recruiting clients. Consultants, voiceover talent and suppliers generally fall into this category.

    5) Do not post questions about a candidate. If you need more information about a prospective employee, then please email them or use our private messaging system.

    6)'s terms of service still apply.

    We highly recommend that you do not post personal information such as home phone numbers and email addresses. Spammers also cruise sites open to the general public. They send software programs called 'bots onto the web and their only purpose is to gather your personal information for use later. Interested employers are encouraged to use the site's PM function to contact you. When you are PM'ed, the site also sends a copy of the correspondence to the email address you used to register for the site. Users post personal information at their own risk.
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